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Week in Pictures #58 - Christmas Hols

Snow, lights and the festive period

Sensory Tray play - Christmas Edition

What you will need:
  • Polystyrene balls (safer option would be fake snow packets available from hobbycraft, amazon etc)
  • Decorative pieces - (ours were from a mixture of places including ikea, hobbycraft, bear & rose)
  • Your imagination!

Week in Pictures #57

Last week of school & indoor play 

Week in pictures #56

frosty walks, electric blankets and lockdown 2.0

Week in Pictures #55 - Half Term

Half term walks, halloween and a whole heap of party food

Birthday girls

Half term saw the girls turn one and eight and although covid put pay to any bigger birthday plans we may have had we still managed to have a nice few days celebrating! 

Ivy's birthday actually fell on the last day of term so we had a bit of one on one time with her whilst L & A were at school.  There wasn't much to do options wise what with the rubbish weather and the whole of Leeds teetering on the brink of tier 3, in fact the day itself was pretty symbolic of how her entire first year on earth has been - stuck at home with little to do thankyouverymuchcorona, but she enjoyed playing with her new toys and having an entire cake to herself so it wasn't all bad. 

At one years old Ivy is a treasure. 

Week in Pictures #54

rope swings, stair climbing and negative covid tests

Week in Pictures #53

Autumn chill, back to school and muddy walks

Week in Pictures #52

School transition days, first teeth and some September sunshine