Half Term Issues

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Ugh. I'm writing this post on a whim. Because its freezing and rainy and foggy and not much we can do outside yet me and Lily are both going a little stir crazy inside the house. 

It's half term so no nursery and none of our usual toddler groups. Soft play is out because it's absolutely packed at half term and Lily never enjoys herself when it's that wild, it's just not worth the journey. 

So what to do?

We could do messy play or sensory play at home but I have no ingredients and that means a long walk to the shops and back. We could go to Tropical World, but again, half term and packed. 

What do you do with your little ones when it's cold and rainy out? It's time to start scouring google for rainy day activities I think!

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  1. It's been a rotten day hasn't it....
    We have spent it playing board games and on the computer x

    1. I wish Lily was old enough to play board games, I love them haha x