Weekend Watch - Fireworks & The Best Autumn Walk

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Like most weekends these days, this one has gone by so fast. Again it seemed to be the perfect mix of relaxing and hectic - I'm glad we seem to have found that balance. I once read a quote somewhere along the lines of 'Saturdays are for adventure and Sundays are for cuddling' yet it seems to be the other way round for us. 

Saturdays are usually our quiet day and then Sunday we'll make the effort to go out somewhere. This Saturday we stayed inside the house for 90% of the day. It was nice as Lily had a proper chance to play with her new birthday toys, she hasn't really had that chance yet as we've been so busy throughout the weekdays. However the house did look like a hurricane had hit it by mid afternoon. Hey ho!  
At about 4pm we went round to James' parents for his dads bonfire show. We had a nice autumnal tea of jacket potatoes, the girls played together and then Steve did his fireworks which Lily absolutely loved. 

There's something about the atmosphere around bonfire night that I adore. The right amount of chill in the air and the smokey smell, it makes me so happy! 

I went to my cousins that evening to watch Xfactor with a takeaway and left James to put Lily to bed which was bliss. & before I knew it Sunday had begun! 

We decided to go on a walk round Meanwood woods on Sunday. I think I mentioned in a post in summer that it's my favourite woods everever and that hasn't changed. It's perfect. 
It was forecast torrential rain but somehow the weather held out and it wasn't even cold, just muddy. It started getting dark about halfway round but that just made it even nicer and the fact that no-one was around because it was so late made it even more atmospheric. 

 *I love this picture because you can tell Lily's being cheeky by her stance and I have my grumpy telling off face haha 

James got some really beautiful photos on his new lense. I may look really wide in them all but I am 6 months pregnant so you can excuse me! 

Such a lovely weekend 

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