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Our Time At Natural Retreats Lodge

Last week we stayed at a Natural Retreats lodge in the Yorkshire Dales and we had the most amazing time. Natural Retreats provide award winning self catering family log cabins across a number of beautiful destinations in the UK (as well as Ireland, Scotland, Wales and even the US). It really was the most peaceful place I've ever stayed and we couldn't have picked a better choice for our last getaway before baby #2 arrives. 

I've decided to split our getaway into two posts. One post reviewing the lodge itself so I can give it the justice it deserves and another talking about what we got up to during our time there, so look out for that post in a few days! 

Plus if I'm honest, I took too many photos to fit into one post haha. 

We were so kindly left this hamper of food and drink upon our arrival which made such a nice surprise as we weren't expecting it at all! It's always so nice when companies go the extra mile with things like this. Inside the hamper was bread, wine, biscuits, eggs, jam and coffee. Perfect!

Our second surprise was that we had been upgraded to a lodge with an extra bedroom. We'd only paid for a 2 bedroom lodge but ended up being given a 3 bedroom one and although we didn't technically need the extra space it was still nice to have! The bedroom's were so cosy, simple and minimalist but with lovely added touches such as checked blankets and logs for bedside tables that really accentuated that log cabin feel. 

  My favourite part of the bedrooms was the view from the windows. Behind the back of our lodge there was rolling hills full of bracken and it was so nice to look out on to - such a peaceful sight to wake up to on a morning. 

Each room was also en suite which was another novelty. James suggested we should all go for a shower at the same time just for the sake of using them all ha ha. The showers were amazing, total power showers and each bathroom had complimentary toiletries from The White Company who happen to be one of my favourite companies ever!

The living room and kitchen were open plan which gave of a great feeling of space whilst still feeling mega cosy with low lighting. 

Natural Retreats managed to get it so right with the decor too. From the feature wall of exposed brick to the wooden beams and tables everything was just perfect and exactly how I'd choose to decorate myself. Even the little quirks didn't go unnoticed by me - the woodland creature coasters, the quirky lights, squashy foot stools and chequered cushions.  They managed to provide us with everything we could possibly need and more (including board games and a playstation!) without giving off a feeling of overcrowding and still managing to maintain that minimalist feel - seriously impressive!

The floor to ceiling windows were the biggest selling point of this lodge by miles. The amount of light they let into the lodge was incredible and it provided spectacular views of the countryside. With views like that it's impossible for anyone to not feel at peace here I'm telling ya! There was even bunny rabbits hopping around and coming up to the window which was so exciting for Lily, who kept asking to chase them! 
It's also worth noting that the lodge has an outdoor patio that goes round the entire lodge and it would have been perfect for us to use had the weather been better. Hopefully we'll get to go back in summer and I'll get the chance to sit in the deckchairs they provide, read my book and watch the clouds go by. I must admit I was tempted to do that a few times, especially whilst Lily was napping, but it was so windy I would literally have been blown away!

I honestly can't sing the praises of Natural Retreats any more. I don't have a single negative to say. I will say that if you're wanting somewhere to entertain the kids then this might not be the ideal place for you. There are some on site and near site activities offered such as horse riding and bike hire and there are even some spa treatments but it's all pretty pricey.  On the other hand if your looking for a retreat that provides peace and tranquility and where you're essentially left to your own devices then look no further. It's the most serene beautiful place I've ever stayed and I can't wait to go back. 

*Look out for my post about what we got up to during our stay in the next few days

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