Lily Tessa




Archer Leo

Panda Twinning - Weekend Tot Style

This weekends outfit has been all about the pandas. I love panda themed clothes, there's something about pandas that are just so cute and one of the first outfits I actually bought Archie during my pregnancy was a set of panda bodysuits and vests from Asda so when I came across these leggings on Instagram I had to get them! 


My L&D Story

I don't know where to start with Archers birth story to be honest. It was all so different than Lily's in just about every way. The whole experience was a total whirlwind and luckily I got James to write down everything that happened on his phone otherwise I wouldn't have remembered much at all. 

I suppose it makes sense to start from the beginning.


Archers Third Week

This week has gone so fast. Like, seriously seriously fast! It's been half term so it's been super hectic with Lily not being at nursery but it's also been a really lovely week and I feel like I'm finally starting to find my feet being a parent to two.


A New World Of Baby Boy Clothes

Buying baby boy clothes is still such a novelty to me as the last 3 years have been spent buying little girl clothes and the past 9 months have been spent buying unisex! I've heard friends who are mothers of little boys complain many times about the lack of variety in boys clothes and whilst its true that the ratio of girl to boy clothes are definitely in the girls favour in shops there's still a lot more out there than I first thought. 

When it comes to boys clothes I've found that availability massively depends on what sort of style you're after. If you like clothes with trains, trucks and cartoons monsters on then you'll easily find what your looking for in most supermarkets or high street shops. However I've always preferred the monochrome look along with muted colours such as greys for boys over those baby blues that everywhere seems to stock. 


Siblings in February

Finally I get to join in with the siblings linky, finally! It's the linky I've probably been looking most forward to being able to do throughout my pregnancy. 

Lily's still in the stage of doting on her baby brother, she loves snuggling him and will do so at every opportunity and it really comes across in these photos. She looks so big lying beside Arch it's crazy! I'm so looking forward to being able to watch my beautiful boy and girl grow together. Even though I'd imagine these photos aren't going to be of the best quality as managing to photograph them together is already proving to be bloody difficult (!) and will only become harder as he gets mobile it's still such a lovely thing to be able to document. 


Archers Second Week

How is this little fella two weeks old already? Time is flying and it scares me! This Thursday was my due date and it's such a strange thought to think that I could technically still be pregnant right now but instead I have my little squidge to cuddle.


Friday Favourites #9

This week, in-between health visitor visits, nursery drop offs and baby clinics, I had a rare chance to go shopping. It's the first time I've been shopping in forever and so I went a little spending crazy but picked up some nice bits for both Lily and Archer. 


Archers First Week

It's crazy to say that Archer is now a week old. 9 days to be exact!  It's been a hectic week. A juggling act between toddler and baby that I'm still getting my head around but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.