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Easter Bank Holiday Weekend

How warm has it been this weekend!? It's nice to see a change in the weather at last. I absolutely love Easter, I really do. I love making Easter baskets for Lily and planning Easter egg hunts and searching for rabbit themed outfits but this year I just haven't been on the ball. You can let me off though as I do have an 8 week old and I'm flipping knackered all the time at the moment haha. 

Just because I've been totally un-organized this year doesn't mean we haven't had a lovely Easter though because we have. It's been pretty uneventful but that's what we all needed I think.

Good Friday was the best day weather wise out of the weekend so we made the most of it and went out to Temple Neusam. Getting out of the house at a reasonable time is becoming more and more impossible these days with two kids to get ready, especially when its one of those days where no-one cooperates - but we managed eventually! Even though  we arrived late and the afternoon was coming to an end it was still really warm and bright and meant we caught the sun set. We wandered round the gardens and all had icecreams and then headed for home (in a hurry because we forgot Archers bottle and he wasn't happy!!)

Saturday was a write off and not really worth blogging about. I was supposed to be going to a hen do during the day but ended up spending my afternoon in out of hours with a poorly Archer who was confirmed to have a chest infection. 

The weather held out on Sunday just long enough for Lily to do an Easter egg hunt in our garden. James laid out a trail of eggs and the plan was for Lily to go round and collect them with her basket except by the time we got outside to start the hunt the blady squirrels had nicked off with them all! Yes really!! Luckily we had an emergency pack of mini eggs to hand so all was not lost. 

We had a relaxing afternoon and went to visit James parents for a little while. It's a crazy thought that next Easter Archer will be walking and will be able to join in the egg hunt too. I can picture them both now, squabbling over whose found the most eggs. I can't wait!

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  1. I absolutely love your photography, your MAD nomination is well deserved! I can't believe the squirrels stole the eggs, that's brilliant! Haha xx

    1. Thanks lovely! Haha I know, Lily's still talking about it now, everytime she's sees a squirrel she goes 'naughty squirrel go on the thinking step!' as if its that particular squirrel that stole her eggs! x