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Siblings in February

It was this month last year that I first started The Sibings Project. That's a mind f*ck and a half let me tell ya! I remember lying Arch down on the floor and bribing Lily to lie next to him. These days I don't need to bribe them because theyre constantly all over each other as you'll see from the pictures below!

Lily's back to being the helper again. She enjoys sharing her toys with him (for the most part!) and passing him dummy when he's sad. Then she proudly tells us what she's done so she can get the praise. 
We're definately still dealing with a lot of seperation anxiety from Arch. He stills doesn't like it when Lily sits on my knee and immediately wants to feed. Same if James comes in the room. It's frustrating, and I'l be honest I've been contemplating weaning a lot recently. but I'm still very 50/50. So watch this space.

I'm not a massive fan of this months photos I should say. I like them in the sense that it shows exactly what they're like at home, always side by side. And I adore how the top picture looks like they're sharing a secret. However I'm just sick of the same old background of Lily's room along with the grainy iphone quality. It's the only room that gets any kind of natural light and it's so dreary recently that as much natural light as possible is definately needed. I'm itching for some outdoors photos, or even just any change of scene and I'm hoping with spring coming up and a seaside holiday to book I'll get the opportunity for some change. 
This month Lily has been loving 
Pokemon. It's kind of scary how engrossed she is, I'm talking all consuming 🙈
Practising her letters - She's still really into this. She'll be a dab hand at writing by the time school starts in September.
Sending voice notes via whatsapp - Newly discovered thanks to Auntie Bec she is now obsessed with sending voice notes to a lucky few individuals on my contacts list. Mainly her auntie Bec, uncle Greggy or daddy. It's usually just her singing Frozen or Pokemon or sending extreme close up selfies of her face but she gets so excited when she recieves one back. 
Wensleydale cheese - Or wednesday cheese as she calls it. 

This month Archer has been loving
Calpol - The poor kids had tonsillitis and all he's happy to open his mouth for is calpol. and boob. obvz. He wont even eat cheese which is how I know he's REALLY poorly!
Cars - I probably wrote this in last months post too. This kid is obsessed with his cars. Or just anything with wheels really. 
Clapping himself - This one makes me laugh. He claps everytime he does anything from eating a piece of bread to putting a car down his toy slide. Then he gives you the beady eye till you clap him too.

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  1. Oh I love your photos. They may not be staged but they are so real - and the children clearly love each other so much! x