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Hello April

'April hath put a spirit of youth in everything'

It's that time again! Time to look back on the month that's gone and forward to the one ahead. April just so happens to be my favouuuurite month. Not just because it's my birthday month (hurtling ever closer to thirty, ahh) but also because we're properly into spring now, everything comes into bloom and there's no denying that Summer will be making an entrance in the not-so-distant future.

I hate celebrating my birthday full stop as I'm not really a fan of the attention. But I do like using the day as an opportunity to do something family orientated. As it's later in the month it's almost always the time when the blossom is out, ie the photographers dream, and so we take our yearly trip to Harlow Carr on my day of birth because it is beyond beautiful this time of year.

I thought I would be oh so organised and separate my goals into blogging goals and personal ones going forward.
I almost always have more personal goals. Which is good, I think. Shows I have my work life balance tipping the scales in the right way I guess. And so I have just two main blog goals for this month.

Firstly I need to schedule more content. Mainly for my own sanity. That schedule button is there for a reason, a bloody helpful reason, and yet I rarely ever use it. I'm very much a chasing my own tail type of blogger and I've always written as and when. I get an idea and I run with it, I don't plan ahead and it can be hard to get out of that cycle. But it's got to the point where honestly, I'm just sick of playing catch up with myself. I don't want writing to become a stressful deadline sort of a hobby because it stops becoming a hobby and start being a chore. And so this month I'm getting myself acquainted with that lovely scheduling tool of mine.

Secondly is to start a few more blog series.
I've had this idea in my mind for a while now that I want my blog to be made up of lots of little series. Not so much linkys, more just series that are unique to myself and my blog, that I can update on a regular basis (although anyone can join in of course! and who knows, I may change them to linkys in the future.) I've been doing my own Weekend Watch for a while now - and it's one of my favourite posts to write. I love that I can look back on almost any weekend and see what we were up to. I have Friday Favourites, which I'm easing myself back in to and I'd like to work on my Leeds Living series more, reviewing child friendly places in Leeds. I also hope to start up some sort of what's in Lily's bedroom type series as I often get asked questions about items in her room. Watch this space!

Personal goals -

I actually have just one new personal goal for this month and it's quite simply to leave the bloody house more. I can't pin point at what point I became such a hermit, but I have. It's spring and I can no longer use the weather as an excuse. It's time to get my love of walking back.

Looking back on my March goals and they seem to have gone quite well. I wanted to de-clutter, which I have done a whole heap of this month. (Although there's still loads to go - argh!) and vlog more. I haven't vlogged that much this month if I'm honest, although I did film a few hauls which you can find here. I like to think of it as slowly easing myself back in ;)

What are your goals for this April?

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