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Little Loves | Feeling Fed up & Snapping out of it

June! It's June guys, what the hell.

First of all, how are we half way through the year? Second of all, it doesn't feel like June with this horrible weather. I actually felt guilty for having had the heating on yesterday until the ITV weather girl stated that we're currently in Autumn temperatures. Ugh.

There's nothing more depressing than being trapped indoors thanks to driving rain and gale force winds. Except for maybe being trapped inside with a teething baby who has me in a perpetually sleep deprived state and who has been desperate to get out himself, bless him.

With all that being said, I'm trying to be more positive. (Ha!) Yes I've been in a moany mood lately, it's been one of those weeks, but the recent attacks on our beautiful kingdom have put everything in to perspective, it really has. So whilst I'm sat here moaning about all and sundry, know that its tongue in cheek and that I'm actually extremely grateful for all that I have.

I've been reading an amazing book recently. Reasons to stay alive by Matt Haig and it's really inspiring. 

'One of the key symptoms of depression is to see no hope. No future. Far from the tunnel having light at the end of it, it seems like it is blocked at both ends, and you are inside it. So if I could have only known the future, that there would be one far brighter than anything I'd experienced, then one end of that tunnel wuld have been blown to pieces, and I could have faced the light. So the fact that this book exists is proof that depression lies.'

If anyone is suffering from mental health issues and wants to feel like they're not alone. Or if you know someone who is suffering and you're struggling to relate - read this as it will help you understand how they feel. Would definitely recommend. 

I've watched more TV than I care to admit this week what with Big Brother starting again and  One Born Every Minute back on our screens too. I also watched The British Soap Awards last night (massive soap fan here, sorry not sorry ha) and I'm so pleased Emmerdale won best soap. They've killed it recently, especially with their emotional dementia story line. 

I've been listening to a lot of Jeff Buckley lately. I used to love him in my angsty teenage years and I've somehow found my way back to him again. Last Goodbye is my all time favourite, his voice is like no other!

It was my old mans 61st birthday a few days ago (Happy birthday PJ) and my god if he isn't the hardest person to buy for I don't know who is! In the end I forgo'd (is that a real word? Lol) buying him a gift that he probably wont like and instead made him a video. I say a video, it was essentially a photo slideshow to music with a few cheesy quotes thrown in for good measure, but it seemed to go down well! 

 Archer has been wearing this top from TurtleDove London a lot lately. I never knew that strange slightly creepy looking clowns were something that was missing from his wardrobe until I came across the print! Who knew! I love it though.

Arch & Lily have also been wearing these Tshirts from Pumpkin and Posey a lot whilst playing, being active and getting messy. The slogans are very apt!

By the time this post goes live tommorow the election results should be out. eep. I'm nervous and hoping for the right result. I'm also looking forward to the election hype dying down somewhat over the next few months, I can't take much more controversial facebook posts and arguing over statuses on my news feed!

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