The stigma around Parent Bloggers & why we will not accept your poxy offers just because it's near Christmas!

Monday, 4 December 2017

I never thought I'd be one for this type of post to be honest but this is something that has been irritating me so much recently that I feel like I need to have a rant of epic proportions (before building a bridge and essentially taking a deep breath and moving on!)

I'm feeling really sad and disappointed that I feel the need to have to write this post at all. 

It seems to be a recurring theme each year around the seasonal period as I noticed the same last Christmas with brands and companies significantly lowering the amount they're offering to work with us parent bloggers. It's funny because I probably get triple the amount of work offers around Christmas than I do the rest of year but these offers seem to expect me to work for around a third of the amount I would normally.  As soon as early/mid November hits my inbox starts filling up with offers that to me, are frankly borderline offensive.

 For example, and I wont mention any names because I don't think it's fair to name and shame (although I do hope they read this and take note of the way they treat those they hope to work with in the future) I was greeted with an email the other day asking me to write a full and detailed article of my own words complete with my own photography for 10 dollars. Yes that's right, dollars. Which I think comes to about £7.42. If you went out to a photography venue in your town centre and asked someone face to face to photograph your products, would you offer to pay them £7.42 then? Same for a print advertising agency. If you offered them £7.42 for their work you'd most likely get the door slammed in your face complete with a few choice words about how you can do one.

Another business this week wanted similar, we chatted for a while before hearing 'I'm afraid no, we don't have a budget currently. However we can offer you some exposure on our social media pages'

Cue facepalm.

I mean it's absolutely laughable isn't it? Do I really look like I'm clueless enough to waste my valuable time and my skill sets giving you free promotion? Do I really look like I pay my rent with social media interaction? Do any of us?

It makes a mockery of what we're doing here and I'm fed up of it.

Believe it or not I actually have more important things to do with my time than even bother to reply with a thanks, but no thanks to these people. It's a waste of my time even having to spend the two minutes it takes to read these types of emails and it makes me wonder whether the people working for these companies, who don't decide the budgets and merely type and send out the emails, whether they feel embarrassed having to send them? Because I know I would.

I can't be the only parent blogger that sees a substantial increase in these sorts of disrespectful offers around the Christmas season can I? 

When I sit down and think about it, and I mean really dig deep and ponder, I keep coming back to the conclusion that there must be some sort of nasty and unjustified stigma surrounding pbloggers.

That we cant possibly have children and be business women at the same time and therefore we must all be skint and out for anything we can get, perhaps? Or that we're all just thick as two planks and don't know our own worth? Or that because we're parents we get so incredibly desperate for cash around the Christmas season in order to pay for our 10000 kids that any old amount will do? 

Or or or..

Or I don't know, maybe it's just my own paranoia. But then I receive these infuriating 'work emails' and I think no, not just my own paranoia at all.

I semi apologise if this post comes off somewhat harsh but I desperately feel the need to get out how much this all leaves an infuriatingly bitter taste in this parent bloggers mouth. I really do believe that this kind of treatment is wrong and is not okay. And that's not to tar all companies who choose to work with bloggers with the same brush of course, many are exceptionally lovely and very respectful with their offers at all times of the year. However there is a disgustingly large amount that aren't and I wont be continuing to brush it under the carpet any longer. 

Are you a parent blogger who has noticed this increase around Christmas? I'd love to hear your opinions and experiences below.  

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  1. Yes! I totally feel you with this, I get exactly the same! I hate the ones that have worked with the before the Christmas period and it’s been a pleasure but then they get cheeky nearer to Christmas x

  2. Yup, it's so frustrating. I think it goes back to the whole 'blogging not being taken seriously' thing - and it drives me bananas xx

  3. I do think as blogging is a 'newish' thing to help promote items and there are so many people starting out all the time brands will do this. There are no real guidelines to follow as bloggers and people are working on their own that it is a bit of a mine filed. I do think the brands do use this to their advantage too :0(

  4. I think lots of companies are running out of budget for bloggers towards the end of the year but it is really frustrating.

  5. This is my first Christmas taking paid work, but even I can see a difference from the fees I was offered in September to the campaigns coming now, when my following has only grown and my content improve. It's all a bit laughable, good on you for standing your ground and saying what everyone else is thinking!

  6. I tend to just ignore these emails. It's the ones where I waste my time replying asking what their budget is to get an insulting reply that annoy me! Eilidh x

  7. I haven’t had any $10 emails but a few lower ones. It’s shocking that someone would even offer that. Good for you for complaining about it xx