Lily Tessa




Archer Leo

Siblings in April

Not going to lie, my past few months of sibling updates have more or less just been me moaning about how much the kids have been fighting which has been enjoyable for exactly no-one but hallelujah we seem to have finally finally come out of that stage at long last. 

Which is honestly surprising to say that we've just had the two week Easter holiday and they've more or less been in each others pockets constantly, you'd think the bickering would increase ten fold but luckily not! 

I've noticed recently that Archer's speech has suddenly come on in leaps and bounds. All of a sudden he's speaking in full structured sentences and sounding like a proper little person and I think this has brought the pair of them even closer since Lily is getting more and more conversation out of him. 
She keeps teaching him things (rude words mainly..) and he still thinks that everything she says is hilarious. It's a good sibling stage and I'm enjoying seeing them act like a little team rather than the constant squabbles we've had before so long may it last!

This month Lily is loving:

Being off school for Easter
Writing in her 'secret diary' (when did I get a teenager?)
& writing to her bedroom Elf penpal Elowyn
Short sleeved dresses and having her hair up
Fake tattoos

This month Archer is loving:

Jumping off the ground with both feet
Playing hide and seek
Eating fish fingers and chips and not a lot else (god help me)
Ladybird spotting
Drawing apps on daddy's Ipad
His dummy's (genuinely no idea how we're going to get those off him at night time!) 

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  1. What a lovely update. Sounds like you had a good month. Beautiful photos too

  2. Some awesome photos here!! It sounds like you had a smooth month!

  3. Your photos are just stunning! And your children are adorable x