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I woke up hurting, and not for the first time

This week is Mental Health Awareness week and today my mind is well and truly with Scott Hutchinson from Frightened Rabbit. For anyone who hasn't heard the story, you can read about it here. 

It hit me hard in the gut and now I'm carrying around the ache like so many others. Not just because I love Frightened Rabbit and not only because it's so incredibly tragic but for so many other reasons too, that try as I might I just can't seem to put words to right now. 

I actually tried writing about this earlier in the week, not long after social media heard about Scott's disappearance but I couldn't. I find myself well and truly blocked. I just can't write about it right now. 

But despite my writers block I also can't not acknowledge it, especially during mental health awareness week and I can't not acknowledge Frightened Rabbit as a whole and what they've done for me. 

Frightened Rabbit are an incredible band, and Scott has always managed to sing both frankly and poetically about depression and how it effects him.

"I woke up hurting, though I can't quite say why."
Woke up hurting - Frightened Rabbit

He captures the day to day bleakness of being under the weight of mental illness and you find yourself right there with him, with every word he utters, whether you're suffering yourself or not. 

"When the work stops working, shall we pack it in? Or start again." 
The Work - Frightened Rabbit

If you're going to listen to anything listen to The Work. My all time favourite piece sung beautifully by Scott and complimented just as beautifully by Archie Fisher. And once you're done listening go and read this article - The Frightened Rabbit song I won't forget - because it sums up the beauty of this song much better than I ever could.  

"I'm trapped in an abandoned building. Come find me now, where I hide, we'll speak in our secret tongues." 
The Woodpile - Frightened Rabbit 

I'm devastated for what Scott's friend and family will be going through right now and like all Frightened Rabbit fans I'm of course devastated that there'll be no more of these inspiring songs coming our way. However I'm so grateful to have known about this band and to have had the opportunity to benefit from their music. Scott has left a mark on the world with his words, They've helped me and they will continue to help others. 

Rest in peace brother. 

This week is mental health awareness week. Every single one of us has mental health and any single one of us could be taken mentally ill at any time in our lives. There will always be people out there to listen. Talk to someone. Your life is precious and better days are coming.

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  1. A beautiful post lovely. I’d never heard of Frightened Rabbit until Scott went missing. But I really think that I should listen to their music. So so tragic but it’s really important to talk about these issues. As you say anyone could suffer from a mental illness. Hugs Lucy xxxx