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We have the keys! Now what?

Although we're only a week free of 2018 I feel like my mind has been stuck in 2019 and what it holds for a long time now.

So when people ask me if I've thought of what I want to do with the house yet the answer is a resounding YES!! I've quite honestly thought of nothing else!

I've had friends who have stated quite clearly that they think we're insane when I've mentioned that we plan to be moved in to the house the very same month we've received the keys but I reckon it's do-able...just! Time consuming and hella stressful for sure, but do-able all the same.

We're quite lucky in that the house is already in a fairly good state and there's no major construction that needs doing at all. The decor however is very very 1930's (as you'll see when I post the 'before' pictures) - I'm talking floral wallpaper and red patterned carpets for days. Not my cup of tea!

So the plan before we move in at the end of the month is as follows;

  • completely strip all the walls
  • strip the bedroom doors
  • take up the carpet
  • re paint all the walls
  • put in new doors downstairs
  • lay down hard wood floor downstairs
  • carpet upstairs (we will be getting someone in for this one)
  • install burglar alarms and cctv, smoke alarms and internet
  • furniture in

Looking at that list, it doesn't sound like too much work for a month does it? Or am I completely kidding myself? ha ha. I guess only time will tell.

I will keep you all updated with how it's going, keep your fingers crossed for no set backs! 
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