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Our Upstairs House Plans and Before photos

We're coming to the end of May and I've hit a new low in trying to predict when the heck this house will be ready.

Honestly, I know all people in the middle of a house move say this but we are never moving house again. 


For as long as we live.


A few months ago I talked about our plans for downstairs and so here are our plans for the rest.

The landing has the same ugly patterned carpet as downstairs (notice a theme here guys?) and just like downstairs these have now been ripped up. However unlike the wood flooring that will be covering the rooms downstairs our landing will have a plain white carpet following on from the stairs.

Luckily, like the entrance hall downstairs, the landing up here is nice and wide so I'm sure i'll be adding the odd house plant or two once the carpet is down too!

The house currently has three bedrooms - two doubles and a box room. We do intend to do a loft conversion in a few years to add an extra bedroom or two but for now the kids will be sharing the largest bedroom as it wouldn't feel fair for one of them to get the box room. At first I was panicking at the thought of them sharing a bedroom but after searching shared bedroom ideas on Pinterest I'm feeling really inspired!

The master bedroom is a beautiful room with both tons of space and the perfect amount of light pouring in through the large window. And it's the room that's going to the kids. But why!? I hear you gasp! Why would you do that!? 
Well, I do have my reasons - I'm not completely mad (or self sacrificing!)
A large part of it is  logistics - that the kids are sharing a bedroom, have more stuff and therefore theoretically need more space.
However the other bedroom also looks out over the wood behind our house which I LOVE so that was a big factor in us wanting the second bedroom for ourselves despite its smaller size. 

Going back to the plans - We intend to have the same light grey walls as downstairs to replace the patterned wallpaper that currently resides. I'm not entirely sure what we're doing with the kids room theme wise, I need to get pinteresting shared bedroom ideas a bit more thoroughly, but I do have two amazing matching Noa & Nani kids beds that will be going up in the bedroom to show you once the room is complete. 

 The green carpets have also been ripped up and Carpet right are coming round tomorrow morning to put in our new carpets which are also in a neutral shade. I would suggest shopping around a bit when it comes to carpets if you have the time to do so. We were in a bit of panic mode with our time restraints and so went straight to Carpet right, who have a great range of carpets but are on the more expensive side. If we'd have had time to have look further afield I'm certain we could have saved a whole heap of money! But ah well, you live and learn.

The floral curtains and green doors are next to go and then the furniture can go in and we're away!

The bathroom and toilet are most definitely my most hated spaces in the house right now. The whole room just screams 1930s and the bathroom is so dark with hardly any natural light coming in, I just don't think it's going to be an enjoyable place to take a soak for a while, haha. Like the kitchen though we've had to put the bathroom to the bottom of our list as it may not be pleasant to look as but it's fully functional at least (much to my dismay..if it wasn't functional we'd have to rip it out and start all over again ;)!!) 

I would eventually like to knock through the wall separating the toilet and bathroom to make a larger bathroom area with a whole new suite, but that's a while off for sure.  

Fingers crossed that the next time I do a house update on here I actually have some new photos to show. God help us if it takes much longer!

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  1. Your house is going to be magnificent when it's done. Part of me really loves how nostalgic it looks in these photos x

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