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Holidaying in filey - Day 1

At the time of writing this I am absolutely beyond exhausted so you'll have to excuse me if this post seems a little badly written..I'm going off of 3 hours sleep right now!

As you may or may not be aware myself, James and Lily are spending a week by the sea. Filey to be precise, with James's family, in the same cottage as the trip we took last year..we enjoyed it so much last year we decided to make it a yearly thing!

I guess you could say this is technically day 2 but yesterday we were just arriving and settling in so didn't really do much and therefore I don't feel like it deserved its own blog post. Today however has been busy busy busy so there's lots to talk about and lots of photographs to post!

The Cottage!

The cottage is lovely, it really is. Totally roomy and spacious with patio doors leading out onto a massive lawn and lots of seaside type nic nacs sprinkled around the house.

The holiday site the cottage is in is beautiful too. All the houses are painted different colours, it looks like something out of Balamory!

On site there's a cafe, pharmacist, pub and swimming pool with a steam room and sauna. So just about everything we need really! ;)

Our Day

Prepare for lots of Seaside spam..I'd advise only reading on if you enjoy looking at pictures of the Sea! (But c'mon..who doesn't!)

In the morning we set off  to the beach via our holiday site as it's only about a fifteen minute walk. However half way there we decided it was far too windy and the kids were getting a bit fed up so we decided to double back and get in the car and find a more sheltered part of beach, where it hopefully wouldn't be as windy.

We ended up at Hunmanby Gap and the walk down to the beach was absolutely spectacular. By this time the wind was settling down and the sun was coming out so it ended up being perfect timing! Lily and her little cousin Ava were so excited to actually be on the beach and they ran around collecting stones and shells and just generally being hyper.

I just adore the beach so much! There's something about watching the waves that's so therapeutic. The girls did so well, they spent a good hour on the sand before they got tired. At this point we were all exhausted (and I was soaking wet from showing off in the sea haha) so we went for a cuppa at the local cafe before heading back to the cottage for a nap.

After the girls epic 2 hour naps we headed into Scarborough ie land of the seagulls haha. We even witnessed a seagull swoop in and steal a lady's sandwich from out of her hand much to Lily's amusement!

The girls were in arcade heaven and went on all the rides they possibly could before we ended the day at a lovely seaside pub.

Apologies again if this write up is a bit all over the place but I really need a kip! We are having a brilliant time though and looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.

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  1. Jealous of you being by the sea, filey is beautiful! You take amazing photos xx

    1. Thankyou hun! I love Filey too, I love being by the sea so much! x