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Hassle Cleaning Company Review

Before having children the thought of having a cleaner never crossed my mind. However after having Lily I used to joke to James about getting a cleaner in all the time – It was definitely much needed. After a while I started to think well why not!?

 I looked at cleaning prices online and found most of them to be reasonable and I eventually booked a team of cleaners in to come to our old flat and work their magic. However that experience was not a good one.

I wont go into too much detail but they were rude, did the bare minimum and charged more than they’d ask for on the website and I came away from the whole experience feeling annoyed and wishing I hadn't bothered.

When Hassle cleaning company contacted me and offered for me to review their services my first thought was actually thanks, but no thanks. It’s not worth the (if you’ll excuse the pun..) hassle.
However I did decide to go with it as the house has been in desperate need of a clean and I've been neglecting it a lot lately because of how ill I've been. It felt like the offer had come to me at the perfect time.

I found the whole booking online process really simple and straight forward – You fill in a form stating when you'd like the cleaning to take place and how long you’d like a cleaner for, they then quote you a price and you accept or don’t. It’s sort of pot luck which cleaner you get, as there’s a few in each area and you will be assigned one at random. However each cleaner has their own profile on the website with reviews left by customers so you can go on and have a look at your cleaners profile – and then request to change if you so wish.

So that side of it was really straight forward.

However things did begin to get a bit more complicated after I’d booked. A few days later I got a call from the cleaner asking if I could contact her. She asked me if she could her move her cleaning time of 10am to 1pm instead. I sort of reluctantly agreed – it wasn’t ideal as that’s Lilys nap time and the cleaner would probably be making enough noise to keep her awake but hey ho. A few days later I then got another phone call asking if she could bring in two other ladies from her team to come and clean instead as she had another job to go to. She said that instead of the cleaning taking 3 hours it would only take 1.5 as there was two of them – so I agreed again.

On the day the two cleaners actually turned up at 11.30 - an hour and a half later than the original time slot and an hour and a half earlier than the new arranged time slot and I wasn't ready - I'd literally just got out of the shower! That being said they both seemed like lovely ladies and they got straight to work - doing a thorough clean and actually barely making a noise as they were doing it! They finished in 1.5 hours and in that time had managed to fully clean our kitchen and two bathrooms as well as vacuuming our staircase, the whole of downstairs and succeeding in getting the stubborn stains out of our leather sofa that I had tried and failed to remove several times before. 

I'm actually really happy with my Hassle cleaning experience despite the initial confusion with times. I would definitely recommend them as a cleaning company as long as you are prepared to possibly have to shift your days plans around a bit in order to accommodate their timing! The clean itself is absolutely worth it though.   

To check out Hassle please visit their website here. This service was provided to me free of charge for review purposes however all opinions are honest and entirely my own. 

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  1. This is a really good idea! I don't like cleaning agencies but it's so hard to find indpendent cleaners for one off cleans. This would be great for a good clean before a new baby or when moving. Or if just a bit lazy *cough* ;)