Weekend Watch - 3.10

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

OCTOBER!? October already!? Whaaat! 

This weekend we went to Manchester to see James sister Laura who Lily adores. It was a bit of an impromptu trip but I'm so glad we went. We had such a nice day and it was just one of those days where everything ran really smoothly. Lily napped in the car on the way there and was a perfect little angel all afternoon!

The sun was out and the day seemed to wizz by. Something about Lily this weekend made me realise how grown up she's getting as well. I think she's had a growth spurt but not just that - her general attitude seems so much more maturer recently and it's lovely to see. I cant believe I'll have a three year old by the end of this month!
I didn't really take many photos as the whole day was so chilled out. However I did get this bunch from when we took a trip to a nearby playground and I love them - the look of joy on Lily's face at being allowed to jump off this tree is priceless!

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