27 Week Update

Monday, 16 November 2015

1 more week and I'm in the last trimester! Second trimester has gone SO fast compared to the first and it feels strange to think that I'm heading into the last stretch. This week I had my first midwife appointment since 16 weeks

It was a good appointment because I got to meet the lady who is going to be my midwife till the end of my pregnancy. Up until now it's just been different random midwives as my practice hasn't had one set midwife - but now they've found one! 
The appointment was pretty brief - she checked my blood pressure etc and we had a little chat. Then she listened to the heartbeat - 137bpm - same that Lily's always was at MW appts - interesting! & I was sent on my way. 
I have to go back in 2 weeks to have my bloods taken, including my OC bloods as I'm a little itchy again, but fingers crossed all will be well. 

Me & James have been discussing going on a short break in the UK with Lily before February. Our last little holiday as a family of 3 before we become 4. Annoyingly though there just doesn't seem like a good time to do it! The rest of November is really busy for the both of us and December is pretty busy too. We could probably find some time somewhere in December but the prices ramp up since it's so close to Christmas. Then the only month left is January and it's a little too close to full term for comfort. Plus I'll be so massive by January that I might struggle to do walks or anything fun so yeah..decisions decisions! I do hope we manage to sort something out though as I'd really like to do something nice with Lil before the opportunity's gone. 

Symptoms for week 27 have been pretty mild. Movement has been insane - this baby doesn't stop and my whole stomach is constantly moving alien style! I'm also really thirsty all the time which I need to mention to my midwife. However migraines have been better and sickness is still non existent so I cant complain! It's been a pretty relaxed week as I've ignored the house work and chosen to spend my days watching home property shows whilst Lily's been at nursery haha. I normally use that time to get all the housework done so it made a nice change to consciously do absolutely nothing. It was definitely what the doctor ordered!   

Week 28 should be exciting as we have our 4D scan so stay tuned for that update next week! 

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  1. It's lovely to have found your blog through #maternitymondays! I love reading bump updates- I'm currently 33 weeks. Sounds like it's going well and you also have a super wriggly baby like I do! I know what you mean about the alien like movements. When are you due? I'm due new year's day. Amelia x

  2. Oh what a shame. Try and just grab a travelodge or something over Christmas although I suppose you will want abut of comfort too. I hope you find something. #maternitymondays