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28 Week Pregnancy Update

It's official, I'm 28 weeks pregnant and feeling about 58 weeks pregnant! I was honestly so naive to think that a second pregnancy would be easier because 'my body's done this before.' No. No no no! Everything hurts this week, seriously! 

First of all let me just apologise if this post is badly written and a bit rambly. Its 5am and I'm yet to go to sleep and I'm feeing slightly delirious if I'm honest! Lack of sleep is really catching up with me!

This week has seen the start of lower back pain. Ouch! I've always suffered with back pain at the top of my back but lower back pain is a whole different level of pain! It gets to about midday and I'm so stiff and sore I can hardly move. Of course painkillers are a no go so I've been just about getting by with propping myself up with cushions and leaning on a hot water bottle. It does seem to be getting worse though and I feel like such an old lady!

Breathlessness is another strong symptom this week. I've been out of breath throughout this whole pregnancy - again something I never suffered with Lily's pregnancy - but it's been getting to the point where I have to sit down and have a break after doing something like walking up the stairs which is most inconvenient. Even standing up for longer than a few minutes makes me lose my breath!  

I've had a lot of comments this week on how big my bump is. I've said from the start of this pregnancy that I could tell I was going to have a bigger bump than with Lily and I was right. I started showing right from the beginning and just haven't stopped growing since ha. I feel the same size now as I was at full term with Lily which makes me wonder if I have a massive baby in there!? I've definitely grown a lot in the last week though as I can feel the difference when I go to bend down or put my shoes on. The sudden growth is probably why I'm suddenly feeling so many aches and pains actually.

Insomnia is still pretty constant at the moment. I've been suffering with it for weeks now and I'm wondering when it's going to end! This baby is 100% a night time baby, it goes kicking crazy as soon as I get into bed and the movements are so strong now that they're impossible to sleep through. That combined with restless leg syndrome and needing to empty my bladder every 2 seconds means I'm getting zero sleep on a night. It does mean I'm getting more blog posts written though as I'm up all night and suddenly have all this free eerily quiet time to myself! ;)    
Talking of baby movements, movements this week have been crazy! It's so strange. I'm now making out actual limbs which is just the coolest (and freakiest) thing. Again, I never had this with Lily which again makes me think big baby since the movements are so pronounced. During Lily's pregnancy I'd be able to see lumps and bumps rising in my stomach every now and again but would never be able to make out what they were. This time round I'm having clear legs sticking out, fists, all sorts! It scares me a little to think I'm 28 weeks and already seeing all that. With 12 more weeks for the baby to grow I feel like he/she is going to burst out of my stomach before long! 

So yes this week has been a pretty hard one, not necessarily mood wise but symptom wise for sure. I remember week 34 as being the pivitol week for me with Lily where I started to feel really heavily pregnant with aches and pains and where I really began struggling with day to day tasks. It's a bit rubbish that it's all come on a lot sooner this time round but its to be expected I guess and I've done well to get to 28 weeks with the amount of energy I've had really! 

It's not been a totally bad week though. There's been some exciting bits too. We had our 4D scan, which I wont talk about too much as I'm going to do a separate post but lets just say this baby is Lily's double! We've also booked a little get away to the Yorkshire Dales with Natural Retreats next week which I'm so looking forward to. By the time we get back it will be time to start preparing for christmas and I have a feeling December will be here and gone before we know it. The weeks are going by so quickly now, I need to remind myself to make the most of this pregnancy before I'm up all night for a whole other reason instead!  

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  1. I'm definitely finding my 2nd pregnancy much harder too. It's been a bit of a shock to the system. I also had the breathlessness, I thought it was just the extra weight I was carrying, but it turned out I was anaemic and iron tablets sorted it x

    1. It really has been a shock! Ooh well I had my bloods done the other day so will be interesting to see if my iron levels are low too xx

  2. oooo the break sounds lovely. I hope you get a rest. I often think when the pregnancy aches set in, it is nature's way of telling you to slow down. Easier said than done with another child though. Thanks so much for linking up with #MaternityMondays