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Archers Second Week

How is this little fella two weeks old already? Time is flying and it scares me! This Thursday was my due date and it's such a strange thought to think that I could technically still be pregnant right now but instead I have my little squidge to cuddle.

This week we've managed to get out of the house more which I'm really pleased about. I've been back to dropping and collecting Lily from nursery and having that routine makes all the difference. During Lily's hours at nursery me and James have managed to get some walks in with Archer - the woods by our house are so quiet mid week so it's been the best time for it. The sun was out on Monday and it really felt like a spring day and so we had a really nice long walk before collecting Lily. Although its been grey and freezing the rest of the week that one day of sun has really had me excited for spring time. I'm looking forward to the clocks changing next month!

How my little guy is two weeks old I'll never know. Although it does sort of feel like he's been here forever now. I keep wondering what I did with all my free time before he came along! Lily's still being absolutely adorable with him, she calls him 'mister man' and every morning she comes into our room and says 'morning mister man!' and gives him a big kiss. I've noticed he's started to be awake more during the day now which is nice to see and so I want to buy him some mobiles and things to look at for those periods of wakefulness. 

We also had time this week to do a bit of a DIY photo shoot. I wanted to make sure we got lots of newborn photos this time round, especially now we have our camera, as all of Lily's photos were just taken on our Iphones and so the quality is rubbish. Trying to photograph a newborn is harder than you'd think, I don't know how the professionals do it haha but I managed to get some nice pictures in the end. I'm going to share the photos in a separate post so look out for them :)

*Iphone photos from this week

Next week is going to be hectic because its half term so Lily will be off nursery and James' paternity leave finishes. Half term stresses me out anyway because I feel like I can never take Lily anywhere as everywhere is so packed with kids so it's going to be an interesting week. Wish me luck...!   

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  1. Good luck for next week Abigail! I remember that feeling well wondering what I did when I had one child?? Lol but then before having Tom I wondered the same thing! Beautiful photos he's just gorgeous xx

    1. Gosh I can't even fathom what I did when I had no children!! haha! Thanks lovely xx