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Archers Third Week

This week has gone so fast. Like, seriously seriously fast! It's been half term so it's been super hectic with Lily not being at nursery but it's also been a really lovely week and I feel like I'm finally starting to find my feet being a parent to two.

The weather this week has been rubbish, I think it's rained pretty much everyday but we still managed to fit in a few park trips - a bit of rain never hurt anybody! James' sister and my brother were both in Leeds during the second half of the week so luckily there was no shortage of people on hand to help entertain Lily!

On Tuesday we had our last appointment with the midwife to get Archer weighed to see if he was back up to his birth weigh yet. I had a sneaky suspicion he was and I was right, he's now 9lb 2, the little chunk! I've succesfully managed to start breastfeeding again after having to stop due to mastitis so Arch is now having both formula and breast milk which seems to be working really well for us. 
He's awake a lot more during the day now and he loves looking around, especially at his big sister, he's entranced every time she speaks to him! His sleep is getting better at night too and he's going longer stretches between feeds. He even went 5 hours the night before last which was amazing! Unfortunately he now has colic and he's really struggling with trapped wind and constipation just like his sister did. The evenings are the worst for it but we've started him on infacol and colief drops which seem to be helping so it's not all bad. We went through it with Lily so we're more prepared this time round but you do forget how hard it is!

*Iphone photos from half term

I can't believe he's going to be a month old soon. The newborn days really are flying by and I wish I could cling on to them for just a little longer!

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  1. You seem to be coping so well my lovely and it's great that Archer is putting on weight and sleeping better. Colic is the worst so sending hugs xx

    1. Thanks hun that's a really nice thing to hear! Can't wait to be out of the colic stage haha xx