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Archers Fourth Week + Weekend Watch

I'm not quite sure how this happened but all of a sudden my teeny tiny little newborn is one month old! It makes me happy that we successfully survived the first hectic month of having a baby but equally sad at how fast it's all going. I've been told a lot that time with your second baby just speeds by and I didn't believe it too much as I was told the same about second pregnancies and disagreed but its true, time really is hurtling forward and there's nothing I can do to stop it. 

We've had a really nice week this week. The weekend especially was lovely because we actually made the most of it! Saturday morning we had an early start as we had an appointment to go and get Archer registered. Lily kept practising Archers name in the car on the way there and so when the registrar lady asked what we wanted to call him she proudly announced 'he's Archer Leo!' 

After a breakfast at Wetherspoons and a quick trip to the museum next door we headed home for a nap and that afternoon we went for a walk in the woods. It was freezing and muddy but the sun made an appearance for the most part and I had Archer in the wrap for the first time which he seemed to like as he slept the whole time. I'm thinking I might start using it more for long walks like this as he seems to prefer it to being in his pram plus he keeps me warm which is a bonus! 

Lily walked for a solid 2 and a half hours. I'm so glad she loves the outdoors as much as us! 

I haven't had Archer weighed for a while and I'm curious to see how much he weighs now! We're still doing mixed feeding so he's both breastfed and bottle fed and he feeds every 3 hours or so. His sleep at night isn't too bad, I definitely can't complain! He does at least one 3-4 hour stretch in the night and then the rest of the night he's fidgety and wants to be held but that 3/4 hours is more than enough to see me through at the moment! I mentioned in his one week update but sleep deprivation really isn't as much of an issue this time round, I think my body's just used to it having been there once before!
He's awake for really long stretches in the day now too - often for hours at a time and his eyes will follow the sound of your voice which is super cute. He especially loves Lily's voice and turns his head to her and she loves doing peekaboo with him. 
Its strange that we're still adjusting to being a family of four in many ways yet it also seems like he's been with us forever. I'm so excited to watch him grow over the coming months, to watch his little personality come through even more 
*Iphone photos from the last week

1- 'looking after' Archers elephant for him ;)
2- Saturday morning
3- Proud big sister after registering Archer
4- Adore this picture, those eyes!
5- One Month Today
6- Afternoon cuddles
7- I love this picture but it was taken on a particularly hard afternoon - you can see how exhausted I am haha
8- She's looking so grown up lately
9- Trendy mister 

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  1. He is way too cute!And your family is gorgeous!