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Mothers Day Weekend

This weekends been a bit of a funny one. I'm not sure whats been up with me but my emotions really have been all over the place and it resulted in a pretty stressful weekend!

Overall Saturday ended up being a nice day but it didn't start well at all. After a crap night with Archer I woke up on Saturday morning feeling horrific and really run down. It didn't help that Lily got up early (10 minutes after finally settling Archer) because daddy set her Gro clock time wrong...I could have cried! Infact, I did! 

We were planning to go to Manchester that day to spend the day with James sister but I grumpily decided I was too tired to make it. However long story short after having a shower and giving my head a wobble I decided to go as I knew Lily would have a great day if we did.  

We spent the afternoon at Manchesters Tolley farm and it was really fun despite the awful (and I mean torrential rain kind of awful) weather! You could get really close up to the animals which Lily loved and we've already decided we're going back in the summer.

*Goats called Lily & Archie.. what are the chances! We'll have to name our third child Binti ;)

I'd like to say mothering Sunday was a lovely day but I have to be honest and say it really was not! Again I dont know what was up with my mood but I spent half the day in tears over practically nothing. It really was just one of those weekends!  

*Mothers day 2016

We'd planned to go for an early Mothers day walk but it basically just didn't happen as it was taking far too long to get both kids ready and Archers feed fell at an awkward time and just..yeah! My brothers came round at midday and we cooked a meal for my mum which could have and should have been really lovely but again I just wasn't in the right frame of mind for it. Although I think I hid it well, to be honest I just spent the day going through the motions. I feel absolutely fine now and looking back I think everything just got the better of me this weekend, it's just a shame my mini emotional breakdown had to land on mothers day haha!

 *Doing some early morning mothers day crafts

*Mothers day lunch

I did actually vlog the weekend but I'm not sure if I'll bother to edit and upload as I feel like the clips just wont be true to how I was actually feeling and I'll know that when I look back on it. I'm not sure, we'll see. 
I hope you all had a lovely mothers day, better than mine any road! 

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  1. Sorry to hear your emotions have been all over the place, despite the rain it sounds like Saturday was a good day, and I bet after you was glad you did go for Lily. Can I just say how amazing you look for having a newborn! xx