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Weekend Watch - 28.5.16

Why do bank holiday weekends always go wrong for us!? I honestly think we're a little bit cursed when it comes to the weekend and making any sort of plans. 

I mean in the grand scheme of things of course it could always be a lot worse but I just feel like every time we make plans SOMEONE gets poorly. Every single time. Without fail. This time it was poor Archers turn. He's so miserable bless him and I have no idea whats wrong with him, he has a constant temperature and is totally off his milk but the doctor couldn't see anything wrong so I'm guessing teeth? which is a strange concept to me as Lily didn't get her first teeth till 11 months!

So yes we had lots of plans for the bank holiday weekend but ended up doing barely any of it because of our poorly Arch. 
We did have a nice walk on Sunday though. I was starting to feel sorry for lily as she'd been stuck inside all weekend and it wasn't very fair on her. She was supposed to go on a daddy daughter breakfast date on Saturday morning and she was really looking forward to it, she got all dressed up and asked me to plait her hair but it ended up not happening as we needed to take Arch to out of hours. Not once did she complain.. she never complains! and she shows no resentment towards Arch she just spent the day stroking his head and saying 'it's okay, big sisters here' and offering him things he can't use like her toy kettle and her jigsaws haha. She's so good, she makes us so proud.

Anyway we did eventually get out on Sunday after deciding that Lily was really in need of some fresh air (and me too, I hate being in the house for too long) 
Arch has only been settling on me whilst he's poorly so instead of taking the pram we bundled him up in the wrap which worked wonders as he slept most of the walk. I even managed to feed him in the wrap which was a result! Leaving the pram also meant we could go up into our favourite part of the woods called The Hollies which we cant usually go when we have the wheels. Me & James were discussing the fact that the last time we were here, almost a year ago today, was the day I found out I was pregnant with Archer which made the walk feel kind of special. 

The 8th photo down is my favourite. James took it and she's in the middle of telling me off for going to close to the gruffalos den (a pile of stick we found in the woods) She was genuinely scared that I'd wake him!

Lily's really obsessed with fairies at the moment and she spent all her time collecting petals to put in the fairy doors in the trees. She has a little fairy door on the wall in her bedroom and James brought some petals back and left them by the door in her bedroom this morning..she was so excited thinking that the fairies had left them for her!

I think this walk salvaged the weekend for us to be honest. It's been the only nice part of what has otherwise been a tiring and germy (ha) weekend. I'm hoping Arch will be better by this weekend so we can make up for it and go out again ♡ 
Fingers crossed 

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  1. Aww such a shame Archer was poorly, we seem to be a bit cursed as we always end up doing nothing or things that don't seem special enough to blog about haha! I love Lily's outfit too! These woods look beautiful and I bet it was nice to get out the house as well, I hate being cooped up indoors for to long as well xx