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A day in Scarborough

Today my daughter is back at preschool.
Today I have the mother of all migraines.
Today, I'm dreaming of yesterday.

Yesterday was one of the best days I've had in a long time. I got to spend some much needed one on one time with Lily and what's more I got to do it at my one of my favourite places - Scarborough.

It was a bit of an impromptu trip actually, only suggested a day or two before by James sister. James couldn't come because of work but his mum and both his sisters along with Lily's younger cousin Ava all joined us which was nice.

My mum offered to take Archer for the day which I'll be honest I jumped on because the thought of taking a teething baby on a train with his giant un-foldable pram and million and one baby bits was more than a little stressful. Plus it meant I got some me and Lily time which is so rare these days that I  have to take these opportunities when I can.

Lily was so excited because she'd never been on a train before. Her little face in the train station was my favourite thing ever, she looked so in awe. 

The best bit of the whole day was splashing in the sea with Lily. I love the sea, I adored it when I was a kid and I still adore it now. English seasides are my happy place. Something about paddling in the water with the sand beneath my feet just makes me feel so happy and at peace and getting to do it with my daughter, who clearly loves it as much as I do, was just perfect really.

After a lot of splashing and one soaking wet outfit later Lily had a donkey ride. Doogal the donkey! She loved it even though cousin Ava was a bit scared. And that was swiftly followed by one of those trampoline rides where you're all harnessed up. Which I refused to let Lily go on at first as I thought she was too little but after half an hour of begging I relented. And I was totally wrong because she loved it. She's so different to me in that way, fearless. She loves all the big rides just like her daddy. I wonder if Arch will be that way too?

I'm a little sad that the holidays are over now but mostly I'm just relieved to be getting back into the normality of routine again after 6 weeks off. And what a perfect ending to the last day of the holidays this was.

Nb - I wrote this before I took Lily to pre school this morning where they informed me that actually there's still 2 weeks of the holidays left to go thanks to unexpected building work. pssh.

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  1. Oh these photos are beautiful! Looks like such a beautiful place