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August through my Phone

Since having Archer I've had to put down my DSLR and rely on my phone for taking photographs a lot more than I have done in the past. My hands are so full at the moment that I rarely have time to do little more than a quick snap on my camera phone of the kids and whilst I fully intend to get back to using my DSLR regularly in the future once things are a little less hectic, for now I'm stuck with a camera roll of photographs, most of which are deleted once I run out of space and sadly never see the light of day. 

With that being said I've decided to a post at the end of every month rounding up the best of my phone photographs so that they dont go to waste. I think I'll continue doing it for another 6 months or so until I dust off my DSLR, although I might continue it for longer because between you and me I've become quite fond of using my phone to take and edit my snaps!

Looking back at these photos has made me realise I need to make more of an effort to get photos with Lily in. About 80% of my camera roll is Archer at the moment but that's quite simply because he's so easy to photograph whereas Lily never stands still! I'll have to start bribing her to do more photos haha.
It's been a good month has August. It's gone by fast and all of a sudden there's leaves covering the grass in the garden and it's getting dark earlier and earlier. 
I'm not quite ready for summer to end but I know I have no choice in the matter however I'm still clinging on to the last of our English summer warmth and going to Scarborough with the kids on Monday. Stay away till at least Tuesday please, rain.

Archer's first summer has been lovely although part of me is left wishing we'd done more now that it's over. I know that we've been finding our feet as a family of four though so it's understandable that we haven't been the most organised when it comes to outdoor plans of late. When I picture next summer I see both kids running around and possibly even our first family holiday abroad and that makes me super excited. And anyway I adore Autumn so it's all swings and roundabouts.

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  1. These photos are fab, you would never be able to tell they're phone pictures! You should do a post on how you edit them etc. I'd love some tips as I'm having to use my phone too!

    1. Thankyou! That's a great idea, I'll definately do that at some point :) xx