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Archer Leo

Archers 9 Month Round Up

Archer is 10 months as of today and I really just can't compute how this has happened. We made it to double figures bud!
He's developed so much this month - physically especially and it's dawning on me now how much of a little boy he's becoming. Not that he hasn't always been a little boy but you know what I mean, all of a sudden he's just so much less of a baby.


Siblings in November | Blogmas Day 14

First of all let me just apologise for the awful quality of this months photos yet again. I suck I know! I've pretty much given up trying to get pictures on my big camera of the pair of them at this stage. Iphone photos are the way forward until time becomes on my side once again!

This month has seen a whole lot of jealousy on Archers part and a whole lot of patience on Lily's. It feels like Archer has only just realised he has to share me with his sister and quite frankly he doesn't like it one bit. He shows it by screaming and attempting to claw at Lily every time she dares sit on my knee, or come in to any touching distance really and I'm preying this is just a phase as it's not fun for poor Lil, although she's being very patient about it. Once again the mum guilt is back is full force and as a result I'm trying to give her lots of quality time when Arch naps.

What Lily said - November

I think the word sassy is the best word to describe my daughter at the moment. Now that she's four she talks non stop and she has me and James in stitches constantly. After a conversation with a friend about all the things you forget about your children as they grow up I decided to keep note of some of the funny things she says each month so that I dont forget. Here are a few of my favourites from last month..

"I'm so hungry I could eat a whole village and all of it's houses!" - This is my personal fave - I have no idea where she got this quote from but talk about dramatic, she'd eaten less than an hour ago 😂

Watching an old video of herself on my laptop - "Baby Lily was so cute wasn't she?"

"I'm drawing grandma Beryl. I'm drawing her wobbly though because she's a bit old"

"I'm happy I have Archer for my baby because he's so lovely"

When I asked her to keep eating her tea (omelette) "If you want to be my best friend right now you need to get me something. Something that isn't omelette."

Whilst listening in to her conversation with her friend Iris - "Iris when you are four or three I will teach you to catch pokemon"

Watching the neighbour leave early morning from the window, she nudges me - "I think she's run out of cheerios"

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A few photos of late + an explanation

So you may or may not have noticed that I've been rather quiet on here and over on YouTube of late. I'd like to say this is something that's going to change in the near future but honestly I'm not really sure whether it is or not. All I know is that right now I have lost any faith I had in the universe, I'm so full of anger and rage and I just have very little desire to sit down and write when I'm feeling this way. Mostly for fear of what will come out on the page.

It all sounds very ominous I know but it's not something I'm ready to talk about yet and I dont know if I ever will be. But when something devestating happens to you and your loved ones it makes you realise whats important and that's spending time - actual physical time in the present with the ones you care about more than anything else in the world.

& So blogging is taking a back seat. For now. Because I just can't write from the heart when my heart is shattered into a million and one pieces. 

October through my phone

It's been a month of pumpkin hunting, sleepless nights and my little girl turning four and I've taken so many pictures this month I'm suprised my phone hasn't exploded quite frankly. So much for slowing down!