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The tale behind Archers name

When I found I was pregnant for the second time it only took a few days hours before my thoughts went to names. I have a strange fascination with baby names, I always have done. Even as a little girl I remember spending so much time deciding on what to name all my dolls and then getting annoyed that my cabbage patch kids already had names on their tags because I didn't like 99% of the names they already had. I mean high maintenance child or what!

Not finding out the gender second time around naturally meant more names to look at. I spent months on the Internet googling names in the early stages and I felt so disgruntled at the fact nothing popped out at me. If we were to have another girl we wanted something that fit nicely with Lily. I'd been thinking along the lines of something floral again and I spent hours looking through Lily's flower fairy book and circling a ton of names in there but none of them stuck. (I wanted Scout, James was having none of it. We eventually decided on India/Indie - but that's another story) I do wonder whether maybe I couldn't commit to a girls name at the time because I knew deep down I was having a boy? Although boys names weren't much easier if I'm honest. I had more choice with boys names, as I naturally seem to prefer boys names, but again, frustratingly, none that stuck.

James, bless him, wasn't much help when it came to making a decision on baby names either. He liked to veto a lot of my suggestions through out the 9 months but on the whole he's pretty easy going. I knew that if it wasn't something he replied an immediate 'NO!' to then chances were I could probably win him round.
He went though a lot of No's before he got to the maybe's though. Arlo was an outright no as was Harlow ("people will sing 'Har-low can ya go' at him") ..My suggestions of Cole, Jaxon, Elias, Corbin and Hunter were also all no's. Then we got to Noah and Elijah which were maybes but still not the perfect fit. It felt like we were never going to get there.

& then about a month before my induction date Archer popped up. Annoyingly I can't remember where it came from now. I'm pretty sure it was a website though I couldn't say which, and I'm pretty sure I was googling names like Archie. It's funny because Archer wasn't even a new name to us. It was one I'd actually suggested to James whilst we were TTC and then months later when I was pregnant we'd completely forgotten about it. So discovering the name again was a bit like coming home. I remembered why I liked it so much in the first place. It felt right and that was that.

The middle name was a bit more tricky. I wanted a J middle name and was thinking along the lines of Archer James or Archer Jackson. James wasn't too keen and in the end I gave him free reign to choose what he wanted as I wasn't overly fussed. I don't know what I was expecting but when he came back with Leo I was really pleasantly surprised. A name I could never use as a first name as I have a cousin with the same name but a name I've always liked all the same. 

So there we have it.

Archer Leo. Our perfect little boy.

(Or Archibald Leonardo as Lily likes to call him. By god will that wind him up when he's older 😂)

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  1. We have such similar taste in names! Obviously I'm biased with Indie though haha ;) We had Hunter on our list, but when iI said to Jack it sounded like 'hunt a peacock' I quickly went off of it haha x