Cute + Quirky toys for kids #1 - Unicornos

Monday, 3 April 2017

I'm a big lover of Retro toys as well as toys that are quite simply just a bit different. After receiving a few questions about where items in Lily's room are from I've decided to start a long running series on my blog about the different toys Lily has on her shelves.

Unicornos are my current favourite collectables. I love blind boxes, I think I get just as excited as Lily by them, and there's just something really magical about Unicornos in particular. They're by a brand called Tokidoki who I just love full stop, honestly do check them out if you haven't already as they have a really varied range of collectables and the ideas behind them are fascinating.

So what are unicornos?

"The unicornos were once simple little ponies that were out trotting and wandered into a magical waterfall. Passing through the waterfall, the ponies transformed into unicorns and found a hidden magical kingdom. The unicornos live between the magical kingdom and our world." 

I mean, how cute?

As far as I'm aware there's around 5 series,each with 12 different unicorns so there's plenty to collect. Lily has five so far and luckily she's managed to get a new one each time. Unicornos can be found on the Tokidoki website or Amazon as well as plenty of other Toy websites such as Retro kids or Ava's Dreams.

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  1. These are so cute! I think my daughter would love them. Off to check them out now! #brillblogposts