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Little Loves - Migraines, Vlogmas and Everything in between

It's been a slow old week. Not really much going on apart from cold weather and constant migraines which are driving me slowly insane. Usually my migraines follow a pretty regular pattern but every now and again i'll have a week of pretty much full blown daily ones and this week seems to be one of those weeks. Meaning not much is getting done except for lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself.

I'm feeling a bit guilty because it's meant me and Arch have barely left the house all week and I know it can't be very entertaining for him being stuck indoors all the time,  but he's been an absolute star. Plus I'm consoling myself with the fact that it's been too cold and wet for us to have done much this week anyway.

The midweek break me & James had last week allowed me the time to actually sit at my laptop and find new blogs to read. 
I enjoyed reading this post in particular from Life with Boys on how exactly she uses Lightroom to edit. I love reading about how other bloggers and photographers edit their photos, I find it fascinating how everyone has a different way of doing so. Kirsty's post was super informative with a no nonsense step by step guide to what tools she uses which I think will be really helpful for any Lightroom newbies or indeed anyone looking to change up their photography style a bit. Check out the photos on the rest of her blog too, they're lovely.

Since moving into our house with ye olden day style internet it's been really difficult to keep up with YouTube in the way I used to.  However I've been making a huge effort to watch peoples Vlogmas videos this year as I know how much effort goes in to daily filming. I've been especially enjoying my cousin Becca's Vlogmas over at Once in a Lullaby - It's lovely seeing so much of my gorgeous nephew Wilf!

We're in the middle of making Christmas prezzies for family at the moment and Lily has really been getting into it. Unfortunately I don't yet have any pictures to show as they're unfinished but she is making a pantomime stage with puppets for her grandparents along with her very own story books for various other family members. So freakin' cute and a great way to save on gifts ;) 

I've been wearing this aztec print cardigan from Tobi a lot recently. It was sent to me to review and I've really been loving it. There will be a clothing post up next week along with a few other bits from the same range so don't forget to check back for that!

Archer has been in his Another Fox gear yet again! I'm loving his oversized jumper paired with stripey leggings, it's a perfect match. 

I heard about Nourisil a few months ago when I was contacted and asked if I'd like to give it a try. 

 Nourisil is a silicone scar gel product and I've got to admit I was super sceptical about it at first. I had bad acne on my chin when I was younger and was left with plenty of scarring and I must have tried just about every over the counter scar product going for them with no results from any of them. Interestingly Nourisil isn't actually marketed specifically for this type of scarring as it is aimed at wounds, burns and scars that are a result of medical procedures (C section mamas I urge you to give it a try!) but I thought there was no harm in giving it a go on my own scars anyway, especially as I'd heard that it also makes a great primer to wear underneath make up. I can say with great pleasure that I've seen more of a result from using it than I have for any other products I've tried in the past. It's not been drastic results but many of my smaller scars have most definitely faded and redness around the area has reduced too. Amazing for a product not even aimed at tackling scars left by acne. On top of this it hasn't caused any break outs on the area in which I'm using it whilst well known products such as Bio Oil have so I'm really pleasantly surprised by it. 
James has a huge dark scar down his arm from a result of a drunken arm wrestle (do not ask, honestly) and he says the same, that he's seen more fading with Nourisil than he has with Bio Oil which he previously used. If anyone would like to see before and after photos feel free to drop us a message.  

I feel like we're hurtling towards Christmas suddenly and there's no slowing down! Lily has her last week at school before the Christmas holidays next week and her class Nativity is on Monday. She's Mary and I'm such a proud mama, I think I might well up when I sit there and watch her say her lines!

It's also meant to snow quite heavily this Sunday which I'm half dreading and half looking forward to (for the photo ops, obvs.) In my mind I'm going to have lots of white crisp snowy photos ready to post on the blog next week that are the embodiment of Christmas cheer. In reality I'll probably end up with pics of Lily with a runny nose and Archer crying his eyes out because he's too cold ha ha. We shall see!

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  1. It really is flying by to Christmas isn't it? Lovely photos, the the colors and moods of all your photography. So beautiful each and every time. Like magazine photos. Sorry to hear about migraines I have been having bad headaches lately in pregnancy but never lucky had a migraine I can't imagine must be tough to do things. Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead. #littleloves

  2. You're so creative making presents! It's so lovely how Lily has embraced it and it sounds like she's making a wonderful gift for her grandparents. Handmade presents from children especially are so meaningful xx