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Making use of small space to create a cozy environment for your child

Lily's bedroom is tiny. Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs level of tiny. Honestly there's hardly room to swing a cat never mind play the games in which a five year old would want to play in there.

But such is life and we've done the best we can with it and I like to think we've made it work, somehow.

I've used every single available surface and corner of her room that I physically can to make it in to a nice space for her. The word crammed comes to mind, but what five year old cares about their room being crammed? To them, the more toys the better. A room full of toys is a room full of love right?  

Here are some tips for showing how a small room can still be appealing for your little one

Put up shelves

This may seem like an obvious one but shelves, shelves and more shelves are the way forward in small bedrooms! We've put them up anywhere and everywhere and it's given us so much more opportunity to showcase Lily's toys. I also find that the toys that are out and available to the eye Lily plays with more compared to the ones that are tucked away in boxes or bags.

two bar wooden shelves (spice racks painted white) - ikea, grey hexagon shelf - primark home, plain white floating shelves - ikea, white box shelves - b&q, flag clip shelf - homesense, mini house shelf - not on the high street(.com)

Storage Bags

Paper storage bags to be more specific. Paper storage bags are honestly one of the the best tips I've ever received for kids storage! They may look flimsy but they're far from it, they actually hold so much! They also have the added benefit of taking up way less room than trying to fit a storage unit inside a small space as well as being easy to move around. h&m home do some lovely materials storage bags in different shapes and sizes too and these can be just as useful as the paper ones. 

assorted monochrome storage bags - this modern life, unicorn storage bag - retro kids, polka dot basket - h&m home

Fill the walls

Wall art is a must in small rooms. Some people may think it can make a room feel smaller but I think for children's rooms it just creates a nicer space for them. Lily's room has everything from posters to banners, wooden plaques and wall flags and even a unicorn head! I'm often asked on Instagram whether Lily's rainbow, balloon and cloud wall is a particular brand of wallpaper but it's actually just a mixture of different wall stickers. (top tip:wall stickers a great alternative for those on a budget, and much less faff!) 
Screw minimalism, full and cluttered looking walls are the way forward!

flamingo banner - sass and belle,  wooden lily plaque - rosie meringue, rainbow stickers, polka dot stickers - retro kids, cloud and balloon stickers - stickerscape, cactus banner - primark home, assorted wall posters - etsy, apple & acorn stickers - hesperoo 

Use the floor

We use the floor space as much as we can in Lily's room. Aside from her bed and Ikea cooker, which takes up most of the floor space there is a grand total of two rugs and two dolls houses which leaves a strip of floor in the middle big enough for Lily to sit and play.

pear rug - sass and belle, rabbit rug - h&m home, pink dolls house - george at asda, forest green dolls house - ikea 

Use every nook and cranny available

Find extra surfaces that can be used as storage. For us that comes in the form of Lily's IKEA cooker. It's used as much for storage as it is for kitchen role play.  Look around for any nooks and crannies that can be used too. The window ledge also gets used for block building and the space above Lily's dresser is used for her Shopkins village (!) Even in small rooms there's probably more available toy space than you think if you look hard enough.

How do you decorate your small spaces?

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  1. Some great tips here that I will be using for my kids rooms. Lily’s bedroom looks gorgeous x

  2. These are fab and you have some gorgeous accessories!

  3. Oh my goodness, this is just the cutest room! I love the little shelves for the books.

  4. This is a gorgeous room, I bet she loves it! I like cute cosy rooms

  5. I love this, I'm absolutely a fan of crowded spaces. My girls share a room and there is very little space after furniture, but neither of them like tidying up so I can't have too many toys in there. I recently put some wall stickers up but my toddler thought it would be great fun to pull them off and screw them up so I will be waiting a few years to buy any more I think

  6. Her bedroom is gorgeous! These are great tips. My boys have a decent size bedroom (we recently swapped and have them the bigger room) but they share so we have a lot to fit in! X