Embracing monochrome and colour pops with XOKiddo

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

If you're a long time reader of Lilypad & Bow then you'll know that I'm always on the look out for new clothing companies for the kids and when XOKiddo got in contact it couldn't be any more like fate as their designs are so up our street!

XOKiddo was launched in April 2017 by graduate designer Rona Hollows. Her clothing pieces are designed for boys and girls alike up to the age of five and were designed with the Netherlands style in mind after Rona moved to London and found herself searching somewhat fruitlessly for a certain childrens style back in the Netherlands that seemed hard to come across over here in the UK.

XOKiddo use a minimalist approach to their clothing that along with the bold use of contrasting colours is undeniably Dutch, an inspired style that I for one absolutely adore!

XOKiddo very kindly sent us out a few outfits for the kids and we've had enormous fun trying them out and taking enough photos to incorporate into a look-book style post for you. 
As pretty as product flat-lays and the like are, I always find it much more helpful for clothing companies to show imagery of their designs actually on the children so I can picture for myself how these pieces might look on my own pair. Hopefully this post will be helpful for anybody who likes to do the same!

In these photo's Lily is wearing the 100% Cotton XO skirt complemented by the XO Kiddo plain orange tee and completed with the XO cap. I never would have thought to put these two colours together but it just works SO well which is testement to Ronas fantastic eye for design. After wearing it once these items are now officially Lily's favourite outfit and she asks to put it on straight away when we get back from school!

Here Lily is wearing the 100% cotton oversized dress. I'm a sucker for anything oversized on myself and I love that Lily can work the oversized look right beside me! I'm impressed with how simplistic this design is, yet Lily somehow still looks dressed up when she wears it. It also looks seriously comfy too, which Lily has assured me it is!

In these photos Archer is wearing the black and white colourblock tee. I love that the two tone style matches the same two tone style of Lily's dress in the above photos and he looks super stylish wearing it along side the 100% cotton baggy trousers.

Finally Archer is wearing the relaxed XO tee along with the same baggy trousers which suits him a treat and goes perfectly with Lily's xo skirt. I love the scandi vibes that comes from the xo print and it's the kind of simple but effective print that will last the test of time.

Thanks for working with us XOKiddo! We adore your gorgeous clothing and we just know others will too!

You can find XOKiddo in the following places:


*The clothes shown in this post were sent to us for the purpose of this review however all opinions are entirely our own. If you happen to be a clothing brand looking to have your products photographed feel free to contact us at

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  1. I adore black white and orange. That's pretty much dudes room, with a navy wall. It's so fun and fresh. The kids look lush in these outfits

  2. I love finding new independent clothes shops for my girls clothes. They look really cute outfits x

  3. I love these. Monochrome is so simple but looks so nice and pretty gender neutral too. There's way too much pink out there for girls and Pops isn't a girlie girl!

  4. Oh what cute outfits. I really love the orange. It's so lovely to see children in bright colours and against the black/white it really stands out!

  5. Absolutely love the top and skirt combo. I love kids in black and my 14 month old son is often in clothing that has some black in it. I think it looks so stylish. We definitely heck out this brand as its right up my street. The Willow Tree

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