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5 tips to keep you on top of your health on holiday

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. Obesity is becoming increasingly common and combating it is more vital than ever. Even those of us who are dedicated to staying fit and healthy can struggle when travelling is thrown into the mix, though. Giving in to temptation is greater than normal when you’re away from home, but it is possible to stay focused on your health goals without ruining your holiday. Restraint is a necessity, but punishing yourself will only drive you towards bad habits.

Stay hydrated

Water is a vital component of any healthy lifestyle. Travelling or not, you should be consuming around eight glasses a day (the exact amount is highly debated) to prevent dehydration. It can be easy to forget this, or to neglect water for other beverages, when you’re away, but it’s one of the best ways to keep healthy when travelling. Drinking plenty of water will lessen feelings of hunger and stop you from expiring in the heat if you’re visiting somewhere exotic. Make sure, however, that you educate yourself on the safety of the local drinking water - bottled water might be advisable.

Keep up the fitness

A holiday isn’t the place to go training for a marathon. With that being said, there’s always a reason to be on your feet. Travelling generally requires a lot of walking around, whether you’re exploring the local culture or disappearing off into nature. It’s not something to shy away from - it’s keeping you healthy. Walking might not be raising your heart rate and burning off those calories the way running does, but it’s still exercise. It all adds up, and once you go home, returning to your normal workout routine won’t be such a shock to your body.

Be prepared

Being healthy involves keeping your body in good condition. Accidents happen, and people get sick, but how you deal with those situations determines the likelihood of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If your travels are going to involve hiking, ensure that you pack all the essentials to prevent any unnecessary injuries. If mosquitos are prevalent in the location you’re visiting, learn what repels them before leaving home. Thinking ahead makes a big difference.

If you’re aware of any existing medical conditions that might affect you while travelling, it’s essential that you get the go-ahead from your doctor. Having a condition or disability shouldn’t stop you from doing most things on your holiday, but you should still know how to prepare for travelling. This includes making sure you have the right paperwork and medication with you, at all times.

If you’re incapacitated while on holiday, it can be difficult to get back to your healthy routine when you recover. Being prepared won’t stop you from falling ill or hurting yourself, but it will reduce the risk.


Eat cautiously

Food makes it extremely difficult to stay healthy sometimes. The further you venture on your travels, the more exotic the food will be. You shouldn’t be swayed from exploring local delicacies and testing your palate, but keep in mind you don’t know what it’s in their food. If something tastes like it's 1000 calories, perhaps think about limiting the rest of your food intake for the rest of the day. Likewise, try and keep something relatively healthy on you at all times for when you start to get hungry. Fruit, granola bars, nuts - these all make healthier snacks than chocolate.

It’s important to regulate your meals, so they don’t deviate too much from what you’re used to at home. Never skip breakfast or lunch, even if your busy schedule doesn’t allow much time for eating. You’ll lose the energy you need to get through the day, and in your hungry state you might make decisions you’ll later regret.

 Staying healthy on your travels is all about finding the right balance. The point of going on holiday is to get away from home and see what else is out there, but it's best to keep in mind that you have to go back at some point. The healthy lifestyles that fall apart tend to be the ones that stray too far from what they’re used to while travelling.

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