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Friday Favourites #12

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts but honestly I feel like I have things to recommend coming out of my ears lately! Especially clothes, so many lovely summer items around at the moment giving me all the heart eyes.

I have a few practical things to recommend too, as well as what Archer is currently playing with and some fathers day gift ideas. 

So without further ado. This week we have been loving.. 

Paper storage bags

Storage bags are a thing of the future I'm telling ya! I'm still so surprised at how much they can hold to say that they're paper and you can get ones out there with so many lovely designs. These monochrome ones from This Modern Life are my current favourites, we bought a whole heap of them in the sale recently and some have gone in the living room and some in Lily's bedroom and they look great whilst still being super functional - even the smaller ones seem to hold loads of Lily's bits and bobs.

Baby Born Interactive boy

Baby Born kindly sent us their latest baby born this week and oh my god Archer loves it. He's a really maternal little boy and he's got such a sweet thing for little babies and so getting to have a baby of his own is perfect for him. 'Baby Arthur' as Archer has named him comes with a change of outfit, bottle, nappies and a potty and can produce tears and wee in the potty which both kids actually find hilarious ha ha. He also opens and closes his eyes which Archer loves as he's taken to walking the baby round the garden in the pram and he truly seems to believe that he's successfully got him off to sleep when his eyes shut, bless his little two year old soul! In fact he loves him so much that we're probably going to have to bring Baby Arthur along with us on our UK getaway next week!

Another Fox mustard Arya skirt

I've spoken about Another Fox a fair bit on my blog, I do love them so and their latest summer range features lots of horizontal stripes and repeating patterns and is totally gorgeous. This Arya Maxi skirt is my current favourite from the range and Lily will be getting plenty of wear out of it. I just couldn't love this skirt more!

Truprint photo book

This week Truprint sent us a voucher code for part of their #swapsocksforselfies campaign. The idea behind their campaign is to stop people buying socks as father day gifts (we've all done it cmon!) and to get people to start buying more meaningful photo related gifts instead. I chose to get a photo book for my own dad full of pictures of his grandchildren and I love how it turned out. I was impressed with the creative control you're given over on the website in terms of the layout and how to decorate your photo book. They offer lots of different word art phrases and clip art pictures to help you decorate and I chose simple floral aesthetics for the front cover with full page photos inside. I'm sure my dad will love it! 

What have you been loving this week?

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