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Day in the life - 6.6.18

Day in the life photography. Candid photography. Capturing the essence of normal, the day to day. 

This is the kind of photography that grabs my attention. The kind of photography I adore and that really helps me feel like I know more about someone and their family, allowing a little window into their life. 

This week I was delighted to be asked to join in on a collaborative day in the life post with a group of blogging ladies who photography I really do love. I chose this Friday to do my own day in the life as Lily had a training day and I was hoping to get out of the house and have a nice day in the sun together, the three of us. 
My hopes were pretty much shattered by about 9am though when I was close to yanking my hair out at the amount of squabbling Lily and Archer were doing. Just constant. 
I should have actually taken a photo of them fighting, it would have been just as realistic if not more than the shots of them playing!

As it was I decided to give up on getting out of the house early and resigned myself to a morning of indoor play since neither of them seemed particularly keen on going out in the sun. (Are anyone elses kids getting pretty fed up of the heat now? Both Lily & Archer loved it at first. now it seems not so much..)

Two things to know about mornings in our household. One is that both kids know not to ask mummy for anything until I've finished my coffee. The coffee must be drank in sacred silence. Two is that on non school days Archer tends to stay in his pyjamas the whole morning (he LOVES being in PJs) where as Lily always chooses to get dressed as soon as she's up. 
We chose to play with the railway tracks for quite a bit and then by midday Archer was ready for his nap whilst Lily actually fell asleep on the sofa. Another sign that the heat must be effecting her as she hasn't napped in over two years now. After Lily woke we did some sweeping of the leaves in the garden, she's such a enthusiastic little helper when it comes to garden maintenance. Just wish she was as flipping happy to help with house maintenance too ha ha. 

We did eventually get out of the house at about 3pm when James came back from work. (yay for early Friday leaves!) I think the poor bloke was hoping for a cuppa and a sit down when he got in but what he got instead was me practically dragging him out of the house mumbling about fresh air and going stir crazy. 

We went for a wander in our local woods and it was nice to get out of the house. The woods was totally empty as well which is refreshing as we usually only get chance to go as a family on the weekend when its hella busy.

My parents invited the kids over for a little sleepover and so we went straight from the woods to my parents house to drop them off. 

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned on the blog before but my mum is a childminder and her house is like a child wonderland, the kids love it. And she has loads of pretty touches in her house that I'm forever itching to snap. 

(I've told her if she ever gets a new lampshade then to send this one my way...all the heart eyes!)

The day ended with putting our feet up in front of the tele to watch the football kid free (after a swift detour to Lidl on the way home to buy aaallll the junk food obv)

Not a bad Friday really ;) Not bad at all. 

Do check out these lovely ladies - Kaye from Hello Archie, Amber from Meet the Wildes, Zoe from My little Wildlings, Jess from Nora & Co and Kirsty from Life with boys who have all done their own DITL's too.  

Have a great weekend!

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