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Siblings in January 19

Holy squabbling hell.

January is here and it's not bought us any peace. 

ANY. 😂

I'm not entirely sure whats caused the unremitting squabbling between Lil & Arch lately but it's freaking constant. lord give me strength.

It's ever since Lily went back to school a fortnight ago. They were getting on so well in the Christmas holidays and then Lily's goes back to school and BAM they're suddenly sworn enemies.

To be fair to Lily, it's mostly Arch tbh. He's such a little wind up, (like, honestly, he's scarily good at it for a 2 year old..) and I think since the holidays are done he's gotten all territorial about having the house to himself during the day again. And so when she gets back from school he's just not wanting her in what he sees as 'his space.' - if that makes sense? But at the same time she needs to realise he can't wind her up if she doesn't let him. But she gets so frustrated by him that she's just an easy target because he knows he's gonna get a response every time.

This isn't boding well for our upcoming move into the new house either, since they're supposed to be sharing a bedroom. It's kinda giving me palpitations just thinking about it. Argh!

When they do get on they get on so well though. Chatting away and making each laugh hysterically - it reminds me of me and my own brothers when we were younger and everything the other did was hilarious. 

I think I mentioned in a previous sibling update that they play so well together when they're outside compared to indoors and that still rings true now. 

Bring on the warmer weather when I can chuck them in the garden when they start arguing ha. ;)

It occurred to me whilst writing this update that by the next sibling project update they should be in their new bedroom together. Which means they will either have ripped each others heads off or they'll be back to bff's fo life.' 

Pray for me that it's the latter!

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