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Week in Pictures #33

Today's been one of those weeks where you've got to laugh otherwise you wouldn't stop crying.
 You know those ones?

I had my driving test at the start of the week and it went so badly its left me feeling kinda traumatised. I have loads of excuses I could use for it - there was torrential rain for a start, my car chose to mist up as soon as we set off and then proceeded to take a ridiculous amount of time to demist and then the biggy - that fact that my instructor was basically Claude from The Apprentice's evil twin who both shouted at me and quite literally huffed and puffed through out the whole test which was SO humiliating/off-putting that I ended the test early and in tears. 

If I'm being totally honest with myself, I was so panicky before hand that I did the worst driving I think I've ever done and I reckon I probably would have driven just as badly even without all the above factors. But still, the whole thing ended up being something I'd just rather throw back to the deepest recesses of my mind and forget about entirely.

Anxietys a bitch isn't it?

The week then went on to get worse too, if you were wondering!

 I dropped my phone straight after my test thanks to shakey nervous hands and the screen smashed to pieces - so I'm officially phoneless until that's sorted! and the new house is taking more time than we hoped it would, which is doing nothing to improve my mood either.

Fast forward to the end of the week, where we are now, and a virus has caught up with me and I feel weak and sickly and about ready to collapse but with no time to do so as the landlord is coming round this weekend to view the property and we have to get it looking in a decent enough state for him and NOT like it is now, which is basically the we've spent the last six years living like feral animals and what? look.

I know in the larger scheme of things none of this matters. Driving tests can be retaken, phones can be fixed. Landlords will hopefully be understanding and winter bugs wont last forever but my god do I just want to curl up in a ball, hibernate, and forget about all of it right now. 

As a result of such a shit*y week you've probably gathered that there's not much photos that have been taken. A few were taken in my mums garden on one of the milder days of weather this week and a few more on the walk to collect Lily from school later on in the week (Archer looked so sweet in his new deer jumper I couldn't help but take the camera along!)
But for the most part theres not a whole lot to show for this week and that's the way I like it! 

I'll quite happily leave this week behind and move on. Que sera and all that.

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