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Ivys 6 month Update

Monthly updates are something I did with both Archer and Lily and something I was intending to do with Ivy also. I found it so interesting looking back on the updates and seeing what stage each of the kids were at and when and so its a bit of a bummer that I didn't manage to keep it up this time around. But we're in the middle of a pandemic right now - my brain is pretty friend up there. I'm cutting myself some slack.

So here's where you're at at six months Ivy Willow.

Six freakin months..


Personality wise it's clear to me that you're a complete mixture of how Lily and Archer were at this age. You are definitely sunny in the same way Lily was - happy to be held by anyone, happy to smile at anyone who looks your way and just generally a pretty 'social' baby. However you have the same sort of preferences as Archer in terms of not liking to be put down and wanting to be in another persons arms during the day. If I carry you, or even have you on my knee you're happy and content - but if I try to put you on a play mat, in a bouncer, walker, highchair etc - I'll get 5 minutes out of you on a good day. Much like Arch did, you just prefer being held. 

Sleep & eat schedule

You currently have 6oz bottles every 3 hours and nap twice a day on me, occasionally three times a day if its a particularly long day. You still only nap in my arms and you have to sleep to background noise such as music or a podcast. Whilst Archer was quite happy to nap in his cot in silence, Lily would only nap in her pram with the tele on in the background. Each nap is anywhere between 20 and 45 minutes at the moment. The definition of power naps!


No-one makes you laugh and smile like your older siblings do. Archer gets the biggest laughs out of you for sure, mainly because hes loud and goofy and put the work in to make you laugh above all else, and he definitely gets back what he puts in. You've had a really strong relationship since day 1, Archer has been obsessed with you since your arrival and where I thought the novelty might have worn off for him by now, it hasn't so much as wavered. He loves you so much.Your relationship with Arch always amuses me though because as much as you find him hysterical, on the flip side no-one else in the family gets you as irritated as he does. His over enthusiasm often means he puts his face too close to yours, or he moves your limbs about energetically like a rag doll and you shriek at him until I inevitably tell him to give you some space. Your face in the photo below sums up your relationship to a T.

Lily's been a lot more sedate with you so far. In a way, Arch hasn't given your big sis a look in because as soon as she gives you any sort of attention he's barging his way in there too. (I even had to tell him off for saying to her 'Ivy's MY best friend not yours' the other day!) I think shes quite wary of you in a way that Archer isn't - I often wonder if she worries too much about making you cry. She doesn't quite understand that that is just what babies do - she takes it a bit more personally. 
You adore her though, you never take your eyes off her - no matter what shes doing you're there watching - and the moment's that she interacts with you has you instantly beaming - which fills her with pride I can tell. I'm looking forward to seeing how your relationship grows with time. 
As for me and dad, you mostly tend to use me for naps and dad for carrying you around everywhere when you dont want to be put down (which yes is 90% of the time!) You get all the entertainment you need from your brother and sister, especially as they're around you 24/7 during lockdown, and so it often feels like there's not much you need us for besides our arms at the moment! 

Whilst it feels unreal that you've been a part of our lives for half a year already, that cliche that it also feels just as unreal to imagine that we ever had a family home without you in it rings true.

Our meant to be baby.

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