Ivy's 10 month update

Saturday, 12 September 2020

Little Ives, your growing! My last baby at double figures.

Ar this point you've spent more of your life in some form of a lock down than out. We've missed out on those messy play groups, baby sign language classes, mum and baby coffee dates and a whole heap more. But we've also had more un-interrupted one on one at home time than I've ever had with any of my babies before and that's pretty damn special in itself. 

I went back to take a look at what i'd written in your six month update and it's surprising to me how much has changed! Happy to be held by anyone???? ummm no!!! I can't believe I even wrote that haha. 
I know it's just a clingy phase, but I love that you're a mamas girl.

If there was a word to perfectly describe you on the whole it would for sure be feisty. I've never known a baby to have such a strong personality from so little but you really are the definition. You absolutely own me and your father and your new favourite game to play is throwing things just to watch us pick them back up for you. You also know when your doing something you shouldn't because you always look round to check who is watching before you do something naughty. How do you have that sneaky level of intelligence already eh! 

Don't tell them this Ives but my absolute favourite thing though is that you take absolutely no sh*t from your bro and sis. If you want their attention you'll crawl up to them and just plonk yourself right in front of them so they have no choice but to stop what their doing and pay you some notice 😂 If they have something you want you'll go up and take it right out of their hand. And if they're irritating you you are also more than happy to let them know by screeching at them and/or giving them a whack. There's no pecking order to be seen. It's actually pretty impressive how much you hold your own in this household kid.

Like I said, feisty.

What you're up to

Okay so Ivy, your mobile!I t's a bloody nuisance let me tell you girlfriend. Crawling, pulling yourself up on anything and everything and as of last week some cruising too. After starting to sit up unaided it didn't take long at all for you to figure out that you can actual move too and somewhere around 7-8 months you were off.  You don't crawl though. Or, I guess you do, the official term being army crawling but mostly it just looks like the worm. But hey, it gets you where you need to go - and fast! and the fact you've discovered that you can get from room to room at the speed of light means we can't take our eyes off you for a second. Especially because anything you find on the floor goes straight into that mouth. Literally anything. 🤢

Keep on being you baby girl. We adore you.

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