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The Last Week of the Holidays

The last week of the summer holidays has been and gone and I can't decide if it's been fast or slow.
Actually, no. That's a lie.
Lets be honest here folks, it's been slooooow.

Not saying there hasn't been good bits. If I compare it to last summer where I was pregnant and stuck in hypermesis hell it's been bloody brilliant. And there's been some days this summer that I know I'll treasure forever. But the majority of it has been spent with my whingy 3 year old complaining she's bored and me desperately trying to come up with some new things for us to do that wont break the bank.

We managed though! We got through it! & now that the return to pre school is on the horizon I find part of myself wishing for a bit more time. Why is the grass always greener eh?

This week of September has given us weather that I wish we'd had months ago. It's been a bit of a blessing in a way though as all other children are back at school and there's much less hustle and bustle now that term time has started again. Everything just seems quieter doesn't it? Once summer is done with. Our local park is like a ghost town.
Well until October half term. (too many bloody holidays!)

It's with this thought in my mind on Monday that I suggested to my youngest brother that we go back to Scarborough for the day.
So with the weather forecast for Tuesday being 26 degrees that's what we did. Me, my brother and Lily. (Poor Archer got left behind yet again with my mum yet again, babies+sand=nightmare. Sorry bud!)

I was wrong about it being quiet that's for sure. It was PACKED. People everywhere. It felt like every pre-school parent out there had looked at the forecast and we'd all had the same idea. It's funny how a sheer amount of people can change the look and feel of a place. When I took Lily last week with James' family the beach felt peaceful, large and expansive. The sea looked cleaner and more blue and I swear the sand was softer.
This time it felt like a completely different beach. A total tourist beach. The sea was dirtier, seaweed and sharp rocks beneath foot. The tide was in more leaving less of actual beach and there were seagulls everywhere. Enjoying the amount of people about and waiting to swoop on picnic baskets no doubt.

With that being said, despite the beach being full of hustle and bustle which was exactly what I was hoping to avoid - I've never had more fun.

Seriously, the whole day was absolutely brilliant.

Me & my brother were like big kids. Buying fake poo from the joke shop. Eating massive icecreams and doing the slot machines. Covering Lily in sand, letting her cover us and pretending we couldn't escape. Building sandcastles with moats and spending more time on them as we probably should have as two grown adults. Then feeling genuinely dissapointed when the sea eventually washed them away.
Turns out that kind of fun was exactly what I needed. Who knew! We spent hours on that beach that felt like minutes and all three of us left absolutely soaked to the bone. I've never seen anyone so covered in sand as Lily was. It was like she was taking the entire beach away with her.

I really love this photo. I love my brothers. Both of them. I'm so lucky to have the relationship that I have with them, they're like best friends as much as they are family & Lily absolutely adores them - to her uncle Greggy and uncle Nay nay are just the definition of fun.

So we got home to a little monkey who, my mother informed me, had refused to nap all day. She seemed frazzled. Remind me not to leave Archer with anyone again whilst he's teething - he's a little beast!

The rest of the week has gone by fast. There's not much to be talked about. Lily's room has had a makeover (which I'll do a separate post on) and Archer's started saying baba which is quite possibly the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

Bye summer, until next year!

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  1. Oh this sounds like such a great day out, what a wonderful relationship you have with your brothers. Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x

  2. Ahh sounds like a lovely day! Your brothers sound brilliant. I don't have any brothers so Ive always wondered what its like, it sounds like they're amazing uncles! xx