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What Lily said - January

"Can babies come to my house and play with me? Only if they are very cute or nice ones. Babies that aren't cute or nice can't come to my house."

Asking Lily if I can have a piece of her cucumber. Her reply - "I suppose so you little scamp!"

"Right mummy. You need to take the bath toys out of the bath so I have room to do my press ups in here."

Singing to herself in the bath -
mummy is my best friend
she showers a lot
and sleeps a lot
and daddy sleeps with her

Pauses mid sentence..."I do talk a lot don't I?"

"Guess what, when I grow up I'm going to be a pokemon trainer oh yeah!"

Conversation about getting a Mcdonalds..
Me: Lily would you like a happy meal?? Lily: Ummm what's a sad meal though, is it for people who feel cold?
Me: I don't think there is a sad meal. If there was would you want a sad meal instead?
Lily: No I'd have a middle meal because that's all the feelings both happy and sad!

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