Week in Pictures #37

Wednesday 3 July 2019

Well it's been a bit bloody warm this weekend hasn't it? 

After weeks and weeks of down pours and even the odd thunder storm, (!) on the last day of the month we finally received the weather June has owed us all along.

I woke up on Saturday morning and the air felt tropical. Not suffocatingly so in the slightest, full of opportunity would be more apt. Like we had woken up in some place far far away from Leeds. And with it I felt a desire to go outside that I hadn't felt in a long while.

We set up the paddling pool in our new garden. Our new garden that I've spent next to no time in since we moved here in May.
The kids picked apples from the apple tree and took turns rolling them down the drive, seeing whose would roll the fastest, before filling up the paddling pool with them and then fishing them all out with nets. It made me smile. Old school childhood vibes, you know? The sort of games me and my cousins used to play growing up, before ipads and electric scooters and various other means of entertainment were a thing. 

We climbed over the wall into the woods and built fairy dens out of sticks and leaves and ferns before ending with an early evening barbecue. Burgers in bread buns and veggie skewers.

More of these days please, universe.

For the first time since moving in, this place really felt like home.

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