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Weekend Baby Style | 27.02

On Friday morning when I went to pick Lily an outfit from her draws I felt I was lacking a bit of inspiration! Recently I've been getting a bit bored of all her outfits and cant really afford to buy her anything new right now, so I thought I'd piece together some clothes I haven't really put together before. I found one of her white long sleeved tops from George at Asda that she usually wears for messy play and added a floral dribble bib from Next that she hasn't worn for at least a year! Its funny the difference something as little as a bib can make as it made the old top seem like a fresh new one! I then put her in a denim skirt with white detailing, again from George at Asda and her white and blue Mothercare tights. Mothercare tights can be pricey but I really rate them as the quality is much better than any of the other tights I've previously bought from other places. Accessories wise I put her in a gorgeous headband from Indigo Rocket.

What is the best age gap between children?

Ah the age old question! What's the best age gap to have? Someone asked me this at play group the other day and we ended up having a big long discussion about it, only to come to the conclusion that there is no right answer. 

Obviously everyone will have a different opinion on what is a good age gap to have and it will depend on each family and their own circumstance. For me, I've always thought around 2 and a half years was the best age gap to have. Not so little between them that as a mother your brain might become totally fried and also not so much space that they'll constantly be in different stages of their lives growing up and therefore might not be as close.


The sweetest gift!

I have a friend who is very good at knitting and sewing, as is her mum and her grandma. I love the idea that her grandma passed her skills down to her mum who passed the skills on to her.. one day I'm determined to teach myself to knit too! Anyway yesterday said friend came to visit me and brought along this gift for Lily that her grandma had made. It came wrapped in a box with ribbon and had a little note attached that says 'My name is Twinkle, please take care of me.'



A photograph of my daughter once a week, every week, in 2015 

Pondering life over a packet of Wotsits 


52 Week Photography Challenge - Week 8 (Textures)

This weeks theme is 'textures.' Quite a complicated one I guess! I decided to take a photo of my current obsession, these hand woven storage baskets from Ikea! There's tons of these in my living room right now! This isn't the most interesting photograph but I just love the style and texture of them and the way they look in my living room! 

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Weekend Baby Style | 20.02

Lily got some news clothes this week! I did a big Mothercare haul and it all arrived yesterday so been itching to put her in it all! This is the new outfit I picked for her today - 

Blouse - Little Bird at Mothercare
Jeggings - Mothercare range
Shoes - Right start
Headband - The Bow Boutique

We're not doing too much today so I went for the most casual of the outfits I picked up at Mothercare (The rest were all dresses) I absolutely adore this blouse from little bird, the pattern is gorgeous and feels so spring like and the jeggings and headband go perfectly with them! I was going to take it back at first as I got it in 2-3 years and its way too big for her but after seeing it on I quite like the oversized means it will last all throughout summer so I think I wont bother getting a smaller size after all!


Best Baby Buy of the Week

Anyone who knows me will know I'm obsessed with baby clothes (You can watch my baby style tag here) and since I spend so much time scouring the high street and online shops for cute outfits I thought I'd make the most of my interest/obsession and do a 'Best baby buy of the week' every Thursday :)

This weeks best baby outfit I actually spotted in Zara. It's the most gorgeous cream dress with little birds on, perfect for the upcoming spring and summer and only £15! I'm in love! Check back next thursday to see what next weeks outfit will be :)


Green Smoothie Update

So it occurred to me the other day that I havent given any sort of update as to how my green smoothie-ing has been going since I started in January. I mentioned before that I wanted to start drinking daily green smoothies as one of my new years resolutions (and its probably the only resolution i've kept to!) 

I did the green smoothie diet a few years ago and stopped after a fortnight, but this was because I was using them as meal replacements for breakfast and lunch and couldn't keep up with it. This time around it's less about losing weight and more about getting more greens into my body as well as my 5 a day as I'm usually rubbish at managing to stick to my 5 a day. It's also just generally about getting more liquid into my body as I'm awful for rushing around throughout the day and not remembering to stop and have a drink and before christmas I was finding myself feeling very dehydrated and with a lot of headaches.

SO 7 weeks into green drinking and I'm still going strong! Honestly the benefits I'm getting from having my green smoothies every day is unreal. I've found that since starting them I've had much more energy, my skin looks better and I've managed to feel fuller for longer which means less pointless snacking.

I've heard a few people say that they felt like their skin started to look glowing after starting green smoothies and I don't know if it's just coincidence as my skin tends to go through good and bad patches and could easily just happen to be in a good patch right now.. but it really does look so much better! One thing I am sure about though is that the drink has done wonders for my energy levels. I started noticing a difference after just a few days and wondered if it was just psychosomatic but after running out of ingredients a few weeks ago and going nearly a week without having any smoothies I really truely felt the difference. In that week I felt drained and lethargic and back to how I was around christmas.. I actually started craving them again! 

I have to be honest and say that I havent lost any weight since starting them, but I havent been eating particularly healthily nor have I been using them as meal replacements so that's probably why. 
I think the fact that green smoothies are so easy to make is why I've managed to stick to it thus literally just wack your chosen ingredients in a juicer and voila! Much cheaper than the bottled stuff in the supermarkets ;)

Sorry for rambling on so much, I only meant for this to be a quick update..I just love them so much!
Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing my favourite smoothie recipes with you too, so don't forget to check back for those if you're interested :)

Green smoothies really have helped me out tremendously! ..Long may it last! 


Tea Party | 16.02

My magic moment this week came from a very boring afternoon at home. Lily was being particularly whingy and when I asked her what she wanted to do she replied with 'have a tea party outside with my dolly' 
I was about to open my mouth and say no and then I thought well why not!? It's not a particularly cold day and who wants to deny a little girl a tea party! So off we went outside, bringing with us plenty of tea pots, tea cups and cake. Oh and dolly of course! 

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Weekend Baby Style | 14.02

Boots - Zara
Animal print top - Zara
Denim dress - Next 



A photograph of my daughter once a week, every week, in 2015 


Weekend Watch | 14.02

Hello! This Weekend Watch might be a bit of a moany one to be honest.. It's not been the best weekend! As I'm sure you all know yesterday was Valentines day. Unfortunately I had to spend the day in Lancaster which meant setting off at 8am and getting home at 7pm so I didnt get to see my lovelies much at all. James and Lily spent the day together and he took her round to his parents so Lily could spend time with her grandparents and cousin. Here are some of the pictures he sent me throughout the day;

*All set and ready to go grandma's with her minnie mouse satchel

*James' sister braided Lily's cute! 

I arrived back at around 7 to a poorly Lily :( James said she'd been fine all afternoon and it had just come on suddenly in the last hour or so. (We're not entirely sure whats wrong with her as she has a temperature bless her, but we'll be taking a trip to the docs tommorow if she's not improved.) 
My mum was originally going to have Lily for the evening so me & James could go out for a meal but as Lily was poorly we cancelled so we could stay with her. James cooked us a gorgeous meal instead and I was so exhausted from the day that I had an early night.


Today is Sunday and Lily's still poorly so we've been having an indoors day on the sofa. Lots of cuddles and episodes of Peter Rabbit! Ive been starting to feel a bit poorly myself..a bit shivery and achey.. I hope we're not both coming down with something, especially as I have so much planned over half term!

How are all your Weekends going? Better than mine I hope!


52 Week Photography Challenge - Week 7 (Love)

This weeks theme is Love. Love to me is quite simply my little girl but as it was Valentines Day yesterday I thought I'd include the gorgeous flowers James got me in my picture. You can see Lily in the background with her colouring book, she's not very well today bless her, I've never seen her so quiet!

Looking forward to everyone else's interpretations this week & as always don't forget to link in at Mummy B's page :)


Weekend Baby Style | 13.02

Its officially Friday which means I can link up with the Weekend baby style! Yay! Today Lily has a play date with her friend Dexter which equals an excuse for a nice outfit ;) She's wearing her Zara shirt which is my most recent buy (I'm obsessed with it!) a pair of white Primark tights and a denim Primark playsuit which I bought for her last summer and cant believe still fits her! 

My favourite part of her outfit is this navy head wrap which I bought from Clares Accessories yesterday (Anyone from the UK remember that shop? I used to love it when I was younger) I love the colour and design on it and found it on the sale rack. Result! 

What are your babies wearing this weekend?


Selfies Errrrywhere

Yesterday I was going through my camera roll trying to delete photos to make more space and I was shocked at the sheer amount of selfies on there! I have to admit I am a lover of selfies (As is Lil!) but I didnt realise I took quite that many ha. After noticing I was inspired to go through all my photos and put together a collage of all of mine and Lily's best selfies over the last few years. I'm slightly embarrassed to say there was a LOT to choose from!

I'm not sure if this makes us awesome or seriously uncool... probably the latter ;)

How do you feel about 'selfies'?


52 Week Photography Challenge - Week 6 (Details)

This week I've been organising Lily's bedroom and ordering a lot (probably too many!) bits and bobs online. I've always had this dream about having a daughter and making her room really magical, and really personal to her, so that's what I'm trying to do. It's great that this weeks theme is 'details' because its mostly just the little details that I'm adding to her room. She has all her main furniture, cot, chest of draws, table and chair etc so now I'm trying to put things in her room that mean something to her. A lot of her wall art is personalized and the above picture is a thankyou card that she got from my cousins wedding that we framed for her, a memory that she can keep forever. I've still got a bit of a way to go before her nursery is exactly how I want it but I'm really pleased with how its coming along and will take lots of photographs once it's complete! 



 A photograph of my daughter once a week, every week, in 2015 


James' 25th

So yesterday was James' 25th birthday and we had such a busy but fun day! The silly sod went out for a few drinks the night before and ended up having a lock in and rolling in at 3am and I was thinking oh no he's gona be hungover and grumpy all day when we have so much planned! But after a little lie in and some painkillers he was right as rain ;)

We stuck to our Wednesday routine and took Lily to the parent and toddler playgroup I take her to and it was nice for James to see what we usually get up to whilst he's at work. She loved the fact that he was there and kept giving him cuddles instead of playing with the toys! 

When we came home we opened James' cards and presents..Lily was supposed to be 'helping' him but of course she pretty much took over! Then after her nap we decided to head to the park. The weather was surprisingly not that bad so we managed to get lots of nice pictures.  

In the middle of the park there's this big old castle and Lily was obsessed with it. She kept wanting to go up and down the castle steps over and over and her enthusiasm was very sweet but tiring too haha. 

After the park we went home and James opened his last present from me and Lil..a fish tank! It has been so hard hiding it from him for the last week as I was keeping it in the spare room but the filter made a louder noise than I thought it would and I was sure he'd heard it but nope..he was totally surprised! We all went off to the pet shop to choose our fish.. we went with a black one and a silver one, ''Jack' and 'Vera!' 


That evening my mum came round and put Lily to bed for us so we could go out for a meal. A lovely end to a lovely day 


A lovely day | 03.02

Today has been such a lovely day I've decided to blog about it! It's been one of those days where nothing hugely exciting has happened its just been relaxed and..nice. Just nice. 
I've been in such a good mood today, partly because the suns been out for the first time in about 6 months and there's just something about winter sun that I adore and partly because I know that James has the day off tomorrow and we never usually get family time during the week so i'm really looking forward to it.

We went to the supermarket mid morning to buy cake ingredients to make daddy's birthday cake (his birthday is tomorrow!) and then went in to the local party shop where I somehow got roped in to buying the world largest balloon haha. The actual baking of the cake went really may not be the most immaculate and professional looking cake in the world but as long as it tastes good who cares! ;)

After cake making we had a cup of tea and biscuits at grannys and Lily's little baby cousin Bigby came round..he's at the stage of smiling and coo-ing at everyone and its so so adorable. Lily spent a lot of time in the garden playing with grannys sandpit and collecting acorns.. then it was back home for a nap and the rest of the afternoon was spent at home playing 

I love those days that feel perfect..yet you cant quite put your finger on why