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Update On Lily's Transition To A Toddler Bed

About a month ago we made the decision to transition Lily to a toddler bed, (You can read about that here) and I thought I would do an update - a month later - about how the transition has gone and whether it worked for us. 

To be honest the answer to that is yes and no. We moved her from her cot not because she was having any trouble sleeping but more because we felt it was time because of her age. I reckon we could have got a good few more months or more of her sleeping soundly in her cot but I felt like she was just getting too big for it in general and looking rather imprisoned! 

The cot she was in is actually a cot bed and so she wasn't actually moving to a bed of a larger size which I feel might be better for her, but this one will do for now! All we had to do was take the sides down and voila it turned into a bed so not much effort was needed on our part. 

In terms of how Lily feels about being in a big girls bed - she absolutely loves it! It's like now that she has a bed instead of a cot her room has suddenly become a place she feels proud of and she spends a lot more time in there. Before I think she just saw her room as a place to sleep but now she sees it as a play place too. She'll sit on her bed and read herself books, tuck all her dollies into her bed or just sit on the floor and happily play.

However I have to admit that her sleep is not as good since the transition. Whilst in her cot Lily would consistently sleep all through the night but since changing to a bed the norm for her is to actually wake up several times a night now. I think this is because now that there's gaps at each side of the bed she gets scared her rabbit and bear that she sleeps with might fall down the edge and she'll shout for me to tuck them in if they so much as move position during the night. Them falling has actually happened on a few occasions but instead of just reaching down to pick them off the floor (the bed is literally barely of the floor so she can easily reach!) she'd rather call me and get me to do it which can be quite tiring when its happening 2 or 3 times a night. We're working on getting her to do it herself when it happens (I'm not sure if she doesn't because her bedroom is pitch black and she cant see or because she's just lazy..!) but this is a problem I definitely didn't foresee when I first decided to take the sides down! 

She also gets up and comes into our bedroom in the morning but this problem has been fixed by our gro clock and now she actually comes in at a decent time I actually look quite forward to having her wake me.

Overall I don't regret transitioning Lily to a big girls bed as she's nearly three now and I knew it had to happen sometime soon. I definitely don't regret doing it any earlier though and we will most likely be keeping baby number 2 in a cot until the same age too. I do however love the way its made her room look and how its changed the way she feels about her room completely. As a little girl I used to love having my own space and I'd spend a lot of my time playing in my bedroom so it's nice to see Lily do the same. 

What age did you transition your children? Did you have any problems?

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