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How We Spent Lily's Third Birthday

So last Thursday my beautiful girl turned three. THREE! It sounds so much older than two doesn't it?

I think Lily's second year went a lot faster than her first and I have no doubt that her third will go even faster actually - especially with a new brother or sister around. She no longer has any essence of being a baby or even a toddler really and whilst that makes me a bit sad I'm so proud of the funny and clever little girl she's grown in to. 

So Lily's actual birthday was on a Thursday and James took the day off work so we could have some family time. I'm not going to lie, the day itself wasn't particularly brilliant although I think Lily had a nice time. It just seemed to be one of those days where a lot of things went wrong! I woke up that morning feeling really under the weather and had to have the world strongest coffee before I felt even slightly human. It's a shame because I was planning to vlog the day but just didn't feel up to it, although I did get some good clips of Lily throughout the morning and afternoon. We'd bought her a new scooter for her birthday and the plan was to go for a birthday walk with the scooter in the morning, something which we do on every birthday morn, but it was TORRENTIAL rain and there was just no chance of us doing it. 

Playing with her new sylvanian house

We set off to Eureka, which took longer than I thought to get there and was absolutely packed thanks to it being half term and a rainy day. We had to queue up in the rain outside and then once we were in there it was so full of people that you could barely move a muscle without knocking into someone never mind having a chance to
look at and play with the displays! It didn't bother Lily too much though, I think it was just more me and James who were irritated by it haha. 

Pretending to cook at Eureka 

In the afternoon we went round to my mums who had organised a birthday tea with the children she childminds and that was really nice and the whole rest of the day seemed to speed by. 

On the Saturday we held Lily's party and that was amazing! So many people turned up to help us celebrate and Lily enjoyed herself so much, it made me so happy to see! 

On the way to the party

Lily's little cousin Bigby in the garden 
 Opening Presents

I'm so looking forward to what Lily's third year will bring. 

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  1. Looks like a beautiful time xxx

  2. Gorgeous photos of them and they look as though they are having a wonderful time 🎉😀