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2015 From Start To Finish

2015 has been busy busy busy and I've loved every second of it. Looking ahead to 2015 this time last year I think I was expecting it to be a lot more peaceful than it was. Well as peaceful as it can be with a toddler by your side. I spent 2014 working hard at Uni and graduating and I remember thinking 2015 would be a year to relax and spend one on one time with Lily before getting back into full time work for 2016. 

I was right in some ways - the quality time me and Lily have had this year has been amazing. From breakfast dates to more walks in the woods that I can count, we've had so many adventures the two of us. But it's been far from peaceful let me tell you!


33 Week Update

So at the time of writing this I'm 33 weeks +5. I say this every week I know but the weeks are flying by, its scary! Nesting has kicked in and I've been making lists of everything that needs sorting out around the house and I'm hoping to get it all done when Lily starts back at nursery next week.

I'm so heavy and achy this week I've honestly been wondering how I'm going to manage being pregnant for another 4 or more weeks. My bump is absolutely huuuuge. I wish I'd done measurements with Lily's pregnancy so I can compare the size but I'm sure I'm the same size now that I was full term with Lil. I'm really thinking along the lines of a 9 or 10lber this time eek! 

Christmas Day 2015

Christmas has been about family more than ever this year which is exactly what I wanted. Christmas day was spent with everyone - grandparents, cousins, aunties and uncles, nephews and nieces, siblings in law..and to me that's what Christmas is all about. Lily is just at my favourite age right now, especially for Christmas, she's been so excited by it all and that made it so special for me and James.  

The 52 Project - 51 & 52

And so the 52 Project comes to an end. It's been such a fun project to be part of - Thankyou Jodi at Practising Simplicity. I'm so glad I did it and I have a whole years worth of pictures to look back on. I plan to put them all together into a collage so I can see how much my little girl has grown over the past 52 weeks so look out for that. 


Weekend Watch - The Last Days Before Christmas

Lily finished nursery on Wednesday and James finished work on Friday and has two weeks off so over the past few days we've been getting lots of family time in during the run up to Christmas. 
I thought I'd post a few pictures of what we've been up to over the past few days as (like always) I've been a bit snap happy!

Sundown Adventure Land at Christmas

We go to Sundown every christmas, it's become a bit of a tradition. Sundown go all out at christmas which is what I really like and I always come away from it feeling really festive. Last year when we took Lily she was excited yes, but still a bit too young to understand the whole christmas theme. This year though she absolutely LOVED it and was in awe at everything she saw and it made for the most magical day.


Our Experience With The Peugeot 2008

We were recently given an opportunity to review a car; the Peugeot 2008 to be exact. Marketed as a 'stylish crossover' that is 'perfectly at home both in the city or the great outdoors' the Peugeot 2008 sounded right up our street and we were more than excited to try it out. 


George at Asda Newborn Wishlist

I love shopping the George at Asda toddler range for Lily and now that my due date is hurtling ever closer I've allowed myself to start looking at their newborn bits too. I love how affordable George at Asda's clothing range is and yet the quality is just as durable as those from the more expensive shops so it's win win. 

I've compiled together a wish list of my favourite newborn bits but because we don't know the gender of this little one I've done a separate boys and girls list below. It's been so much fun shopping for both genders!


Friday Favourites #7

Of course this weeks Friday Favourites is going to be a christmas based post, it just has to be! With christmas just 7 days away I'm feeling so christmassy now - I can't believe how fast it's come around this year!

31 Week Update

My gosh has this week been stressful. So much going on eek! This week all my plans, especially those regarding labour, have been turned on their head and I'm panicking slightly that I have to make new decisions regarding everything.


The 52 Project - 47-50

Why is it that I keep getting so behind with these photos? My un-organized self can't keep up! I'm about 4 weeks behind so for the sake of not picture spamming I'll be splitting it up into 2 posts over this week until I'm caught up again. 
I've said this already but it's so weird to think that the year is nearly over. I'm so glad I've kept up with this project though, even if I have been behind a few times, as it means I have all those photos of my lovely little girl growing up over the year to look back on. 


Our Last Getaway As A Family Of Three

So our little getaway before baby arrives was only a week ago but strangely enough it actually feels like 6 months ago! It's been such a hectic week since being home, with so much pregnancy drama, that I'd do anything to go back to that lovely little lodge for a few more days. 
It was really important to me that James, Lily and I got to spend some time away together before the craziness of having a new baby kicks in. I'm really concious that Lily only has a limited amount of time left as an only child and I really want her to enjoy her last few weeks of having mummy and daddy to herself. I also wanted us to enjoy being able to put all our attention on her before we have to start dividing our time up between the two of them! 

Putting Up Our Christmas Decs With Ocean Loans

Our Christmas decs are finally up! I swear I've been waiting for this day since we took them all down last January haha. I'm a huge fan of this time of year and love embracing all things Christmas so when Ocean Loans offered to fund my Christmas decs spree this year I absolutely jumped at the chance! 

Our Time At Natural Retreats Lodge

Last week we stayed at a Natural Retreats lodge in the Yorkshire Dales and we had the most amazing time. Natural Retreats provide award winning self catering family log cabins across a number of beautiful destinations in the UK (as well as Ireland, Scotland, Wales and even the US). It really was the most peaceful place I've ever stayed and we couldn't have picked a better choice for our last getaway before baby #2 arrives. 

I've decided to split our getaway into two posts. One post reviewing the lodge itself so I can give it the justice it deserves and another talking about what we got up to during our time there, so look out for that post in a few days! 

Plus if I'm honest, I took too many photos to fit into one post haha.