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Our Last Getaway As A Family Of Three

So our little getaway before baby arrives was only a week ago but strangely enough it actually feels like 6 months ago! It's been such a hectic week since being home, with so much pregnancy drama, that I'd do anything to go back to that lovely little lodge for a few more days. 
It was really important to me that James, Lily and I got to spend some time away together before the craziness of having a new baby kicks in. I'm really concious that Lily only has a limited amount of time left as an only child and I really want her to enjoy her last few weeks of having mummy and daddy to herself. I also wanted us to enjoy being able to put all our attention on her before we have to start dividing our time up between the two of them! 

At first it looked like we weren't going to get chance to get the family break that I wanted. We left it too late to look and by the time we did get round to looking everywhere was fully booked until after christmas - by which time I'd be the size of a whale and about to pop!
Then I came across Natural Retreats and it couldn't have been more perfect for us and luckily we were able to book some last minute dates at the start of December. 

We drove up to the Dales on the Tuesday after Lily finished nursery and got totally lost down the pitch black village roads but we found our way eventually and the next few days passed by in a lovely blur of woodland walks and family time in the cosy lodge.
To be honest the fact that there wasn't anything to do on site, entertainment wise, allowed us to just spend some much needed quality time together as a family. Back home we're always so busy - even on weekends I feel like we're constantly rushing around so it was nice to just stop for a few days and breathe.

Me and Lil got to do things together that I feel like we barely have time to do these days. Simple things like jigsaws, colouring books and lots of games of hide and seek. The lodge had the best hiding places! I've mentioned this a lot but life has been so hectic since Lily started nursery in September and these little activities are the things I've missed the most, especially recently. 

The whole week had a really christmassy feel to it too, helped along by the gorgeous open log fire and the never ending christmas playlists on the music channels. I even took the opportunity to put Lily in her santa dress one afternoon!

Apart from time spent in the lodge my other favourite thing was the beautiful outdoors. If you've read my blog for a while you've probably gathered that we love going on walks and there were such great sights around us we couldn't not take the opportunity! There was absolutely no-one around us for miles, nothing except for hills and sheep (& rabbits!) and it was honestly so peaceful and relaxing. 
We were lucky with the weather too because although it was drizzly and foggy (and I mean can't see your hand infront of your face kind of fog most of the time!) it wasn't actually that cold at all. 

On the last day we went on a gorgeous woodland trail and later that afternoon drove into Richmond to visit the Abbey, which Lily was fascinated by as I told her monsters lived there haha. 

We really did have the most amazing time and I'm so glad I made the effort to find somewhere before it was too late. Spending that quality time with my little girl really made me realise what a great big sister she's going to be and it was lovely to see her so happy. Now our holiday is over I have a month or so to sit back and relax before the madness of 2016 begins! 

*Find our holiday vlog over on my Youtube channel 

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