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Archers Eighth Week

It feels so strange to be writing a two month update. Archers growing up so fast and I can't keep up! 

About a week and a half ago Arch had his 6 week check up with the GP. They checked his ears, eyes and limbs and declared him to be perfect! I've also been cleared to start exercising again and I'm excited to start jogging. His weight at that check up was 11lb 70z, how chunky! and all of his 0-3 months clothes only go up to 12lbs so he may be out of them and into 3-6 sooner rather than later. 

His development has really come on in the past two weeks. He's such a smiley baby, we have constant  smiles and proper baby noises from him all the time now. He's just like his sister was as a baby, she never stopped smiling too! He's really alert during the day but often fights with all his might not to nap which makes him get over stimulated. He stays awake for hours and hours at a time which is crazy for his age! Colic, dare I say it, is way improved. We've stopped his colief drops and switched to dentinox which seems to be working well and means we dont have to make up his feeds half an hour in advance. He's still a lot fussier in the afternoon and evening than the day but it's manageable and not unbearable like Lily's colic was. 

There's a few differences I've noticed between him and Lily as a baby. For one Arch HATES car journeys whereas Lily's never minded them. It makes for uncomfortable road trips as Lily hates him screaming beside her in the car, but that's all he does on journeys ha he's just not a fan at all. He's also a lot more sensitive to noise than Lily was. As a baby, Lily slept through everything and wasn't easy to wake whereas Arch will wake from his sleep at the slightest noise. However he's a lot more alert and responsive than Lily was at this age. It's funny how different babies can be!

This week Arch has developed a bad case of dry skin on his eyebrows as you can probably tell from the above photos. Lily had this too, although hers appeared on her head, and I can't remember what we used - I think we just ended up leaving it to go by itself. His eyes are still blue and his hair is starting to come through on the top of his head as well as the back now, although he's still balder than Lily was and his hair seems to be a lot lighter than hers too. 

It's been a tough week as Lily has had tonsillitis and we just found out yesterday that Arch has a chest infection so they're both on amoxicillin. Luckily as chance would have it James had this week booked off work for a while so I haven't been looking after two poorly kids by myself. Arch doesn't seem too affected by his chest infection, he's full of mucous and it's affecting his milk intake and sleeping as he's so bunged up but he's still his happy self! Lily on the other hand has been a down right misery guts with her tonsillitis bless her! 

*Iphone photos from the past week

I'm looking forward to doing a 3 month update and seeing how much he's developed. Things are changing so quickly it's nice to be able to keep track. 

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  1. So grown up so quickly, and just look at those cheeks! He sounds similar to how Parker was as a little baby - he hated car journeys, refused to nap and was just a lot more fussy. He's so different now though, so keep going it does get better! xx

    1. He's such a chubster! Ah thats good to know! xx