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Lily's 3 Year Update

I've been sat here watching Lily on the sofa for the past half an hour, watching Matilda with her 'Matilda plaits' that she insisted I put in her hair and I cant stop thinking about how grown up she is all of a sudden. It's occured to me that I haven't done an update for her since her 2 year one and she's 3 and a half now, almost to the day. 

Let me start by saying first of all that no matter how grown up you are you'll always be my first born baby girl. I asked you this afternoon if you'd stay my baby forever and you replied "No mummy because I'm a big grown up girl now." I said "Will you stay my big grown up girl forever then?" and you replied "Yes of course."

There's been so many changes in your life since you turned three. The main ones being pre school and becoming a big sister. I intend to do a seperate pre school update so I'll save detail for then but I will say that I've seen a massive difference in you since you started back in September. In social and confidence levels especially. You were the youngest in the class when you started and you've picked up a lot of three-nager phrases from the older kids such as "It's not fair!" and "I just want to be left alone!" which amuses me and your dad greatly.

 Despite all your sudden new rude phrases ('You butthead' - Harrison taught you that!) you're still the same sweetheart you've always been. When we ask you for cuddles you quite often reply with "You can have three cuddles if you like?" or "Yes would you like a super squeezy one?"  I love how cuddly you are and it makes me sad that one day in, or even before, your teens my cuddles and kisses wont be so happily accepted! 

I didnt think it was possible to love you anymore than I did Lil but I think my love for you may have grown even more since your brother came along. I'm so proud of how you've handled the pressure of being a big sister and all the changes that have come with it. Mummy and daddy don't have time to sit down and play with you as much whilst your brother is so small and our hands are so full and I can tell you've been missing that one on one time desperately. When you ask me to do a jigsaw with you and 9 out of 10 times I have to say "Sorry darling but I'm just dealing with Arch" I know that makes you feel mad inside ("It's not fair! I dont want to play on my own!") but despite this but you've never once taken it out on him. When he screams next to you during long car journeys you never tell him to be quiet, you just tell him its okay and that we'll be home soon. Every morning you give him a kiss and say 'Good morning mister man!" and every morning without fail it melts my heart. You show him nothing but love and affection, stroking his head, asking to cuddle him 100x a day and even taking it upon yourself to mop up his dribble with a muslin when I'm occupied. I never expected any of this from you my darling. I hoped you'd love your brother, of course I did, but you've surpassed all my hopes and dreams with just how much you care about him. 
You have the biggest heart of anyone I know.

You really know your own mind these days too and you love to give your opinion on several things from what outfit you want to wear and how you'd like your hair to the state of our home (This morning you said to me - "The house is getting messy again mummy - you better start tidying! You cheeky thing!) 
Your hair is still curly and getting curlier as it grows. I hope it stays that way as I adore it. Your eyes are a bit of a mystery to us all - some days they look blue, some days they look hazel and some days they seem grey. You're about 93cm - a little on the short side for your age but you have super long legs like mummy. 

I really can't believe you're going to be 4 this year. How can we have a four year old?! We'll have to pick your primary school choices later in the year and the thought of it scares me a little as I want to make the perfect choice for you. I didn't have the best time at primary school and so I want it to be just right for you, it's what you deserve.

Here are some photos from the past 6 months..

We love you much Lily. I'm so proud of the little person you are and I'm so enjoying watching you grow. 

All my love, 
Mummy x

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