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Our Week in Pictures #3

We've spent every day of this week outdoors in the heat and it's been blissful.

I've spent so much of the last few months moaning about the weather and wishing for sun that now that it's here I feel like I have to cram everything in before it goes again! It's meant a whole heap of photo taking too, and I've actual had to narrow down the amount of photos I'm including in this particular post for fear of photo overload (if there is such a thing!)

Monday saw the week begin with a red cheeked teething baby and by the evening the tooth in question was through. Arch is cutting them at a rate of knotts recently, I've never seen anything like it, poor little dude!

Tuesday was the first truly hot day in a while. We played in the garden for the majority of the day, and even as the sun started to set it still felt warm. That smell you get in the air when you're abroad at the end of a scorching day, it smelt like that and for a moment it felt like we were somewhere other than the back garden in little old Yorkshire.

Wednesday was spent in nannys garden. Watering plants and playing hide and seek

Grandad wasn't at nannys and poor Archer couldn't get his head around him not being there. He banged on the front room door where grandad can usually be found before moving to stand at the bottom of the stairs and shout 'GANDAD' at the top of his voice

Friday found us back in nannys jungle/garden. We had a visit from Daisy the dog and Lily spent her afternoon making crystal maze style obstacle courses for us all. 

A jolly good week. Long may this weather last.

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  1. Oh what stunning photos! They are beautiful. Love how you capture every day moments and make them look sensational xx Jess xx

    1. Oh thankyou so much, that means a lot! xx